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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 11,521

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THREAD: Roger Stone, Wikileaks and WHERE ARE WE NOW?


THREAD: Roger Stone, Wikileaks and WHERE ARE WE NOW? Mueller mostly speaks through pleadings and he just dropped a doozy. In November, after @foxnews twitter went dark, I read the tea leaves and predicted:

Andrew McCabe a true American Hero....



If you live long enough, you will see a lot of people ruin their reputations...


Want to know why Trump continues to act lawless..?


Want to know why Trump continues to act lawless? Because no one is stopping him! In the past 2 yrs Trump tried to interfere w Flynn, Cohen, & investigation into his role in Russiaís attacks on America. Trump is suspected of being a Russian agent yet 2 yrs later he is still Pres

Trump and his criminals lied about all their endless contacts w Russia during the campaign, Trump passed Israeli secrets to Russians in Oval Office while bragging that he fired Comey, destroyed translator notes from his meets w Putin, continues to act in the interests of Russia

Trumpís whole family has been in bed w Russian global organized crime figures over the decades (no one stopped him then), Trump continues to disregard the Constitution while trying to act like an Autocrat and install key agencies w loyalists, and no one is stopping him.

I never imagined I would witness a Yanukovych type situation in America. Itís like watching Ukraine all over again and the same players were involved in pushing Putinís interests straight to the WH

The only positive thing Trump has done is expose all the loopholes and corruption that apparently have existed forever. Trump like the Russian mafia found all the loopholes in our system and use them to further their gains. We have to seriously fix our whole system

Everyone in Trump orbit is corrupt...including the pundits



Goebbels defense....



Emerdata...Cambridge Analytica...same thing



The Freedom Caucus....pre Mueller...


Nunes is a Russian asset...



And this anti American idea has at least 2 more votes on our Supremacy court...

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