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Corporate greed gave us Trump. Careful what you wish for!


Thread: Corporate greed gave us Trump. Careful what you wish for!

Large corporations support Trump and the GOP because they want low taxes and a small government with ineffective rules and regulations, allowing them to act corruptly and without regard for consequences.

Letís start with taxes. Large corporations donít want to pay their fair share of taxes and they know the GOP will give them what they want. They also know this means the US Government will be unprepared for things like pandemics, but they donít care about long term consequences.

They got what they wanted on the tax front. Trump gave them huge tax cuts and they blew all that money buying back their own shares, driving up their share prices without having to become more productive or to innovate, and they got rich from it.

How about regulations? They donít want to have to treat workers well or have regard for things like pollution and greenhouse gasses. They only care about profits. So they want a federal government thatís unprepared for things like pandemics as long as their stock keeps going up.

But guess what? A pandemic is here now, and we have the exact kind of government big corporations want. A government that has underfunded long term priorities and is unprepared for calamity. And all those stock price gains are gone. POOF!!!

Turns out the federal government is kind of important. You need a strong, competent federal government, funded by corporate taxes, to be prepared for a pandemic. Big corporations knew that, but they didnít care. They were blinded by greed, and now they are paying the price.

So what will corporate America do now? Theyíll stick out their hand and ask Uncle Sam to bail them out, of course. They are fat and lazy and donít know how to cope with externalities. They rely on the same federal government that theyíve rendered inept.

How about next time we make corporations pay their fare share so that we are prepared for this kind of thing and we can have long-term, sustained growth, aided by a government that is appropriately concerned about externalities, rather than solely focused on short term profits?

How I will be showing up to vote in November...


My screen time is definitely up ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️


The Big Con speaks, Dow has biggest loss in history...


Home loan rates still at 3+ percent...banks gotta bank...


Meanwhile...the religious right says we are being punished by GOD...


With a 3% death rate....!

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