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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 11,521

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WTF ...88



WTF ...87


Just like our Postal Service ... WAWGTWTFU ...

WTF ...86


When are we going to wake the FUCK UP ....?

WTF ...85


How does this guy sleep with himself ...?

WTF ...84


WTF ...83

These states sent 47 climate science deniers to Congress ... it is time to call them out for their ignorance and dangerous policy positions


WTF ...82


and some corporations pay nothing , or get credits ... I think all this tax evasion/inversion is just anticipation for the people's backlash ...

WTF ...81

Aerials of destruction caused by Mount Polley Mine tailings pond breach


This environmental devastation will stop when we throw the first business executive in jail and fine the company into oblivion .... until then, they are destroying the earth we live in ...

WTF ...80


What is it about this country that we cannot get our shit together ... ???

WTF ...79

Neil, making public statements about something I eat, MATTERS BIG TIME ... You are not just any astrophysicist, you are the Cosmos Astrophysicist and you have certain powers ... Of course you can study GMOs all you want but when you publicly state that they are just fine to eat, you have crossed the line from private citizen having an opinion to looking like you are being paid for taking sides ... Love ya Neil, but you are a public figure now ... a very public figure ...and what you say MATTERS ...

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