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FCC Killed Net Neutrality, Blue States Can Save It

Federal authorities won’t protect net neutrality, so states want to protect the regulations on their own.

On Wednesday, a California lawmaker introduced a bill that would reinstate net neutrality protections on a local level. The bill comes weeks after the Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality rules, which required internet providers to treat all data equally, blocking those ISPs from charging more for specific internet activities, or limiting access to certain websites. The FCC’s 3-2 vote to repeal the protections was a major win for telecoms companies, and a blow to consumers and free speech advocates.

But California’s new bill, along with similar proposals in other states, could help keep net neutrality protections in place, if only in piecemeal form.


What would you say to Chris Christie before he leaves office?


Mine is, See you at the food court.


MAGA....by giving more to the rich and corporations?

How Trump Can (and Probably Will) Botch the Iran Situation

Last Thursday, a wave of protests broke out across Iran, with tens of thousands taking to the streets for the largest and most sustained wave of political activism in the country in years. By most accounts, what began as unrest over pocketbook issues like high food prices and unemployment soon metastasized into a broader frenzy of agitation against the Islamic regime and its focus on religious issues over economic ones.

It took about a day for Donald Trump to insert himself into the situation.

On Friday, the president took to Twitter to laud the protests as a sign Iranians were fed up with their government for its “squandering of the national wealth to fund terrorism abroad.” And he’s continued sounding off about the protests since, in part by bashing his predecessor’s Iran policies—the Obama administration was famously rather hands-off during the 2009 “Green Movement,“ the last major outbreak of protests in the country, a strategic decision then secretary of state Hillary Clinton came to regret. On Wednesday, Trump went so far as to suggest his administration may take some sort of action in support of the protesters “at the appropriate time,” though as usual with him, it’s awfully difficult to know what this actually means.

Trump’s fixation on the protests isn’t surprising. As always, he seems determined to use the issue to show he’s bigger and better than Obama. Practically speaking, he could conceivably take this opportunity to re-impose sanctions the last administration lifted in 2015 in exchange for a freeze on Iran’s nuclear program. (The waiver on those sanctions needs to be renewed every few months, and the next deadline is coming up in just over a week.) Key Trump allies have also been talking openly about adopting an explicit policy of undermining the Iranian government and pushing for regime change.



Please remember that Putin’s greatest wish is for USA to pull out of Iran nuclear deal...


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was caught crouching under Donald J. Trump’s Oval Office desk on Wednesday, in an attempt to disconnect Trump’s newly installed nuclear button.

The button, reportedly measuring a massive eight inches in diameter, has been a subject of considerable alarm for Trump’s national-security team since he had it installed on his desk, earlier in the week.

According to White House sources, Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and the national-security adviser H. R. McMaster drew straws late Tuesday night to determine who would carry out the high-stakes disconnection mission.

After Tillerson drew the shortest straw, he decided to enter the Oval Office surreptitously Wednesday morning while Trump took a bathroom break.


USPS versus Republicans lies...

Brain surgeon claims to have experienced life after death

The question of where we go after we have died has been one of humanity's greatest mysteries for centuries.

One man who claims to know the answer or at least has an inclination of what might happen is the brain surgeon, Dr Eben Alexander.

In 2008, Alexander fell into a week-long coma and has documented what he can remember from this event in a new book called Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Heart of Consciousness.

In the book Alexander claims to have experienced a sensation that felt like he was ascending to the heavens or something of that equivalent.


HOT TOPIC Nunes is Headed to Federal Prison, Says Top Legal Expert

Congressman Devin Nunes has been running around Washington acting like a guilty maniac for most of 2017. He used his role as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to try and sabotage the Trump/Russia investigation, and even got removed from legislation, which caused him to launch his own rogue investigation into clearing Trump.

New evidence now suggests that Nunes was in on the Trump-Russia conspiracy from the beginning, and Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor, thinks Nunes is going to be arrested for it.

Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor and one of the most widely respected legal experts in the U.S., tweeted last week “Nunes is headed to federal prison.


...and his biggest failure, the POTUS

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