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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 12,264

Journal Archives

Welcome to the People's rRepublic of America...


Somehow these pictures reflect my opinion of republicans today...


Heh Lindsey, 'it's only just started'


'CONTEMPTIBLE...'. Rep. Nadler on Barr


Christianity is a gateway drug...


Sir Robert Mueller is an American hero....

In dropping the bomb, “The Mueller report” this spring, he and his team of excellent prosecutors knew that subpoenas to this POS president, family members and other criminals surrounding him would only extend the investigations into the 2020 election and could cause another corrupt executive branch supported by his republicans henchmen and their political apparatus..

With the ongoing 14 various state and federal investigations who were handed excellent investigative materials to indict these Mother fuchsia’s...the crimes will be accounted for in the future...in the meantime...

The responsibility of the remainder of our non corrupt representatives is to hold this cabal of Criminals responsible for there crimes by holding impeachment hearings ASAP...

Snowden/Putin comment on 'Ass'ange...A dark day for freedom...


Coming from Russia with Love ❤️

Barr....The Newest face of corruption...


She is trying to say...We have the best Cover Up artist in our employment...


Republicans expertise....Cover Up

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