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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 07:01 PM
Number of posts: 11,912

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Just thinking it would be fun to wake up Sunday morning seeing Bolton on the tele spilling all the beans...he might be thinking book sales since the Cons treason team is trying to squash the book because it contains secrets...anybody else thinking along these lines...?


The super bowl of football and politics on the same day...I would be awash in euphoria...

Nancy Pelosi...


Judge rules that Parnas 'cannot' be shut up...




'Barr is an off the charts partisan hack, not a criminal'


Parnas cannot make a deal, according to some connected people I know, because he was involved in other crimes, some much worse than the 2019 Ukraine plot. They involve Giuliani & different/earlier extortion/bribery plots with Ukraine. Trump is involved. SDNY is all over it.

Part II: 1 of the biggest pieces apparently involves one of the dozen redacted investigations Mueller handed off, involving the sale of Javelin missiles to Ukraine which coincided with Ukraine killing all their Manafort investigations & cooperation w Mueller. Massive criminality.

In relation to these explosive posts I made about a massive SDNY investigation involving Parnas/Giuliani/Trump and others re: a 2017-2018 Ukraine extortion & bribery plot, no I do not believe Barr has or will interfere in it. He is an off the charts partisan hack, not a criminal.

Thank you Senator Chris Van Hollen ...


Lawrence Tribe....


?...How deep does the corruption go...VERY VERY DEEP


The Sanders campaign is betting that the 2020 race can be won without [I] and [C] votes...very risky


I have been contemplating a tattoo...maybe this one!

And Ukrainians saw right through it....

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