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JoanofArgh's Journal
JoanofArgh's Journal
April 5, 2023

Steve Bannon urged RFK Jr. to run


Per several people familiar, Steve Bannon had been encouraging this for months and believes RFK Jr. could be both a useful chaos agent in 2024 race and a big name who could help stoke anti-vax sentiment around the country…

April 5, 2023

The founder of a liberal Tennessee media outlet had his home shot at multiple times this weekend.


Someone shot at the home of the founder of the Tennessee Holler — the liberal media outlet that made national news a few weeks ago with the story about TN's lieutenant governor interacting with gay thirst-trap posts on Instagram.
February 10, 2023

There's a delusion in DC that Sinema isn't running for reelection


Tara Palmeri
There's delusion in Washington that Kyrsten Sinema isn't running for reelection -- she is. She's raising cash & was just feted at a fundraiser in Palm Beach by Steve Schwarzman.

Stephanie Ruhle
& in case you are not familiar with Schwarzman, he's a PE giant, a MAJOR beneficiary of the carried interest loophole Sinema protected

Stephanie Ruhle
Sinema went to Davos with a light schedule & a heavy fundraising game plan.

Sinema's making way too much money and getting way too much attention to give this job up. If she runs as an independent, she's basically handing the Senate seat to the Republican candidate , isn't she?
November 9, 2022

John Ralston just said on MSNBC that there are over a 100,000 mail in ballots left to count in NV

He said this favors Dems and Culinary Union members voted by mail and this could hand the election to Cortez-Masto.

October 18, 2022

Norman Lear turned 100 years old recently and is tweeting

Producer of All in the Family, Good Times, One Day At A Time, The Jeffersons, Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, Princess Bride - Author of Even This I Get to Experience


Norman Lear
I was 9 years old when my dad was found to have committed fraud & was sent to prison for a few years. Alone in bed one night, my father away, I was playing with a crystal set radio and came across the vicious antisemitic voice of Father Coughlin railing against American Jews. 1/3

I’m confident that that horrifying moment resulted in my early enlistment in WWII and the 52 combat missions over Nazi Germany that followed. 2/3

Norman Lear
Today, having recently turned 100, I read Donald Trump’s appalling words about American Jews, and I am nine years old again. The phrase, a horse’s ass, was an everyday expression when I was nine and it occurs to me again now. 3/3

August 23, 2022

We reject the free speech-trampling rules set by J.D. Vance and DeSantis for covering their rally


Letter from the editor :

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a likely presidential candidate in 2024, scheduled a trip to Ohio Friday to stump for Senate candidate J.D. Vance, and our reporters were not there because of ridiculous restrictions that DeSantis and Vance placed on anyone covering the event.

The worst of the rules was one prohibiting reporters from interviewing attendees not first approved by the organizers of the event for DeSantis and Vance. When we cover events, we talk to anyone we wish. It’s America, after all, the land of free speech. At least that’s America as it exists today. Maybe not the America that would exist under DeSantis and Vance.

Think about what they were doing here. They were staging an event to rally people to vote for Vance while instituting the kinds of policies you’d see in a fascist regime. A wannabe U.S. Senator, and maybe a wannabe president.

Another over-the-top rule was one reserving the right to receive copies of any video shot of the event for promotional use. That’s never okay. News agencies are independent of the political process. We do not provide our work product to anyone for promotional use. To do so would put us in league with people we cover, destroying our credibility.


August 17, 2022

Trump executive Weisselberg to admit to 15 felonies tomorrow

By Ben Protess, William K. Rashbaum and Jonah E. Bromwich
Aug. 17, 2022
Updated 6:06 p.m. ET

Allen H. Weisselberg, who for decades was one of Donald J. Trump’s most trusted executives, has reached a deal to plead guilty on Thursday and admit to his role in a long-running tax scheme at the former president’s family business — a serious blow to the company that could imperil its chances in an upcoming trial on related charges.

The plea deal will allow Mr. Weisselberg, who was facing up to 15 years in prison, to spend as little as 100 days behind bars, according to people with knowledge of the matter. And it does not require Mr. Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s longtime chief financial officer, to cooperate with the Manhattan district attorney’s office in its broader investigation into Mr. Trump, who has not been accused of wrongdoing.

But Mr. Weisselberg will have to admit to all 15 felonies he was charged with and if called as a witness at the company’s trial will have to testify about his role in a scheme to avoid paying taxes on lavish corporate perks, the people said. That requirement will put the Trump Organization at a disadvantage and make Mr. Weisselberg a central witness at the October trial, where the company will face many of the same charges.

Mr. Weisselberg will not implicate Mr. Trump or his family if he takes the stand in that trial, the people said.

The prosecutors also essentially accused him of conspiring with the Trump Organization, which he will have to acknowledge at his plea hearing on Thursday and at the trial if he is called as a witness.

August 12, 2022

Ben Rhodes just said on MSNBC that there's no way Trump declassified all those documents

He said there's a lot of protocol Trump would have to go through and there's no way he would have gotten this done on his way out the door. It doesn't matter one way or the other but confirms my suspicions.

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