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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
Number of posts: 13,679

Journal Archives

The newly nominated Asst. Secretary of Defense for Intl. Security Affairs is a Twitter troll


Last night the newly nominated Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs parachuted into my DM’s because I commented on a thread where he was telling critics to say things “to his face.” If you want to be in the arena you better have thick skin. He doesn’t


As far as not knowing him. I know he’s not at all qualified for the job and his claim to fame is great but he got the gig because of his over the top love of Trump. I’d like to see our sons and daughters led by qualified people. I’d tell him but he blocked me. #LincolnVeteran

Area Senator suddenly concerned about executive power


Presidents have too much power. @SenMikeLee is trying to change that. @bopinion https://bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-11-17/presidential-power-should-be-curbed-by-congress?sref=XcONO5zf

Four years of Trump violating norms and two months before Biden's sworn in , now he's worried about it?

These Republican Wayne County Canvassing Board members are flat out racist


Did a cruise through Wayne County Canvassing Board member William Hartmann's public Facebook posts. He's a Republican, so not a surprise he is a BIG Trump supporter

I'll let you judge a sample of posts I pulled from 2010. He voted not to certify Wayne County's ballots.


The Republican chair of the board, Monica Palmer, literally just said she would be open to certifying the vote in "communities other than Detroit"

GA. audit over. NO SIGN OF FOUL PLAY


No surprise --> SECRETARY RAFFENSPERGER ANNOUNCES COMPLETION OF VOTING MACHINE AUDIT USING FORENSIC TECHNIQUES: NO SIGN OF FOUL PLAY https://sos.ga.gov/index.php/elections/secretary_raffensperger_announces_completion_of_voting_machine_audit_using_forensic_techniques_no_sign_of_foul_play

Paging Kamala Harris, you're needed in the Senate NOW! She made it!


Dick Durbin tells me Dem leaders have asked Kamala Harris to come for today vote that could block Judy Shelton’s Fed nomination but he doesn’t know yet if she’ll be able to make it.

Vote looks like it comes down to her.

I hope she can make it so we can send this gold standard whackjob packing.


Sen. Blumenthal questioned Zuckerberg about a 1/2 hour ago


Sen. Blumenthal: “How many times is Steve Bannon allowed to call for the murder of government officials before Facebook suspends his account?"

Zuckerberg says doing so would not be consistent with Facebook policies: "That’s not what our policies would suggest that we should do."

The right has a massive information advantage


GOP billionaires prop up right-wing rags like The Federalist, Breitbart and Real Clear Politics. They aren't real businesses. They're political weapons. There's just no equivalent infrastructure on the left. This + Fox is a massive information advantage.

From the article:

For three days after every major news organization declared Joseph R. Biden Jr. the victor of the presidential election, one widely read political site maintained that Pennsylvania was still too close to call.

That site, Real Clear Politics, is well known as a clearinghouse of elections data and analysis with a large following among the political and media establishment — and the kinds of political obsessives who might now have all the counties in Georgia memorized. It markets itself to advertisers as a “trusted, go-to source” admired by campaign and news professionals alike. Its industry benchmark polling average is regularly cited by national publications and cable news networks.

But less well known is how Real Clear Politics and its affiliated websites have taken a rightward, aggressively pro-Trump turn over the last four years as donations to its affiliated nonprofit have soared. Large quantities of those funds came through two entities that wealthy conservatives use to give money without revealing their identities.

Real Clear’s evolution traces a similar path as other right-leaning political news outlets that have adapted to the upheaval of the Trump era by aligning themselves with the president and his large following, its writers taking on his battles and raging against the left. As the administration lurched from one crisis after another — impeachment, the coronavirus, a lost election the president refuses to concede — Real Clear became one of the most prominent platforms for elevating unverified and reckless stories about the president’s political opponents, through a mix of its own content and articles from across conservative media.


Duke Energy, Exxonmobil and AFLAC funded an anti-Semite for Congress


He lied about Naval Academy rejection, quit
after a semester, never had a full-time job, was accused of being racist, a sexual predator, Nazi cozy, anti-Semitic and a habitual liar, yet funded by
who put profits over character.

Democrat Moe Davis ran against Madison Cawthorn in Mark Meadows' old gerrymandered district.

Hate crimes in US reach highest point since 2008, FBI statistics show

Murders motivated by hate also increased by more than 112%.
ByLuke Barr

That incident contributed to a more than 112% increase in hate crime murders between 2018 and 2019, according to statistics released Monday by the FBI as part of its Uniform Crime Reporting Program. There were 51 murders in 2019 and 24 the year before. Anti-Latino hate crime incidents also saw an increase in 2019.

According to the FBI's newly released statistics, hate crimes rose in the United States for four out of the last five years.

In 2018, there were 7,120 hate crimes total, and in 2019, there were 7,314 — a 3% increase. That's the highest it has been since 2008, when there were 7,783 hate crimes across the country.

Like in 2018, more than half of the incidents were race-based, followed by crimes based on religion and crimes based on sexual orientation, according to the FBI. Within the race-based category, nearly 50% were anti-African American incidents, followed by 16% anti-white incidents and 14% anti-Latino/Hispanic incidents. Crimes based on gender identity also increased, from 157 anti-transgender bias incidents to 173.


I wonder what THIS is all about. Tweet from Dave Wasserman concerning down ballot losses


I’ve got a potentially award-winning story for an investigative journalist that helps explain a tiny bit of why millions in Dem $$ never translated into down-ballot success this year. DM me for details.


TBC, this story is much more in the realm of potentially prosecutable scandals than honest mistakes.

David Corn from Mother Jones, The Daily Beast and other reporters responded.
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