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Kellyanne Conway, "A Bunch of Pigs"

Mother Jones' David Corn has published a fact filled summary of her bigoted behaviour. Ms. Conway's message is in my "basket of deplorables". Of course, we all have the freedom to walk in lock step with such nonsense, or stand up for ourselves and others. It is my belief that we Americans will stand against those who would return our nation to civil war, or worse.


The Time Trump's Campaign Manager Called Americans "a Bunch of Pigs"
Yet now Kellyanne Conway is upset Hillary Clinton said Trump voters are "deplorables"
David Corn SEP. 15, 2016

Conway's outrage, though, was selective, because in the past she has slammed millions of Americans for acting like pigs. Yes, pigs. She called millions of people pigs.

In January 2008, Conway was a guest GOP talking head on Fox News. With the subprime mess wreaking havoc on the economy, then-Rep. Barney Frank, a Democrat, had written an article explaining the need for greater government intervention to preserve the integrity of financial markets and to reverse unacceptable levels of income inequality. Conway, not surprisingly, criticized Frank's call for more government regulation of the markets. When the host asked if Wall Street too often takes advantage of Main Street investors, Conway went on a tear:

I think that's unfair because these people bought houses they could not afford. I mean, Julie, if you go out tonight and you spend $10,000 on a credit card and you make $8,000 a year, you could do the math. So people bought houses they couldn't afford. They know that. This country spends money like a bunch of pigs. They buy things they say that they need...when they actually want them. That's their business. But they should be in charge of their own economic sovereignty.

The notion that Americans were pigs was apparently much on Conway's mind at that time. That same month, she was part of a panel discussion at the Council on Foreign Relations. When she was asked a question about the role of economic issues in the 2008 campaign, she suggested that the key factor was whether voters would blame the lousy economy on the Iraq War or acknowledge their own piggish actions were to blame:

Posted by saidsimplesimon | Thu Sep 15, 2016, 12:45 PM (8 replies)
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