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Gender: Female
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
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Member since: Fri Oct 5, 2012, 12:17 PM
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Journal Archives

September 2020. THE ELECTION THAT COULD BREAK AMERICA. The Atlantic. An article by Barton Gellman.

Hereís the link.


This article discusses the problems the nation would face if Trump lost a close race. Guess what? It wasnít a close race and Trump is still fighting the will of the people.

With todayís exposure of the Roger Stone video, video shot by a Danish film crew, video Iíve heard about since just after Jan. 6, I thought of this article again. I so clearly remember reading this at the time it was published. My blood ran cold. My friend had read it, too, and she called me just as heartsick and concerned.

I bring this up because Iím getting very frustrated with some media types who act as though this plan wasnít out there and that we werenít put on notice ahead of the election. Iím more than frustrated-a bit angry, too-that there seems to be no journalist putting this together. Journalists donít need to work as prosecutors do. They should have sources in various agencies. I donít believe for a minute that Trumpís band of misfits keep tight lips. I wish for investigative journalists who break new ground and piece together the greater conspiracy. Who planted the bombs on the night of Jan. 5? How did Stone interact with the Proud Boys? Tell me about what Hawley, Cruz, Gosar and the rest of the self-righteous traitors were doing in the run-up to Jan. 6.

Thereís so much more. Iím not going to be satisfied until there are bright lights on it all.

Things that make me think, "Hmmmm..."

Apparently the Florida Republican likes Tulsi Gabbard.


Josh Marshall at TPM's Take on Trump's Trip


Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo posted an editorial this evening about Trump's first sojourn abroad as president. He expressed many of my thoughts about that trip. The quote below sums up my feelings, too.

The sum total of everything that happened on this trip casts the entire Trump/Russia story in a decidedly more ominous light.

And the light was already quite ominous.

He discusses how Trump's message to and about NATO adheres so closely to Putin's. He discusss Trump's facility for changing his position on many topics, but he remains unchanged in his views of Russia and stances to favor Russia. All of these things worry me, frustrate me, anger me.

I know investigations--especially those being impeded--take time. I hope our country has the time to spare.
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