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Gender: Female
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Member since: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 11,309

About Me

Always a Democrat. I can't understand conservatives. I try to understand them, but I can't. They don't make sense. Our country has gone so far right since 1981. I was just an average American who took many Democratic values for granted when Reagan was elected. It was like the rug was pulled out from under our society. Reagan ruined our country.

Journal Archives

Marco Rubio: After giving a tax cut to the rich, GOP will cut Social Security and Medicare

Advocates for seniors and the middle class have been warning for weeks that the Republican drive to cut taxes for the wealthy is the prelude to a larger attack on Social Security and Medicare.

In a videotaped interview with two Politico reporters Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said the quiet parts out loud. Asked by interviewers Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman how to address the federal deficit, he replied: “We have to do two things. We have to generate economic growth which generates revenue, while reducing spending. That will mean instituting structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.” (A video of Rubio’s appearance is here, with his remarks on Social Security and Medicare beginning at the 21:45 mark.)

The only thing that’s new here is the explicit admission by a Republican officeholder that this is the GOP’s master plan to eviscerate the welfare and retirement of American workers. Budget analysts have seen it coming with all the subtlety of a freight train. As we reported earlier this month, the damage begins with the so-called Paygo law (for “pay as you go”), which requires Congress to offset any increase in the federal deficit with spending cuts. The law limits Medicare cuts to 4% of its budget per year, or $25 billion of its $625-billion budget.


WaPo article here:

Did you know that Selena Gomez had a kidney transplant this summer?

It is from her lupus. I like Selene Gomez. I rarely hear of lupus being this severe. She has been such a trooper. I would have never guessed. She was at an award ceremony a few days ago and gave her award to the friend who donated her kidney.

She's so young.


Family Search.org

I was reading a thread in this group, but I can't find it.

They recommended familysearch.org

So I plugged into on my mom's side, which is Southern/Anglo.....

The bad: I found a record that showed one of my relatives owned slaves. I was expecting it, but it still hits you, just like it does on TV. I'm sure there will be more of them down the road. (grhh)

The good: Someone did a bunch of research on this family. I've got relatives going back to 1540. A fellow by the name of Simon De Villepontoux De Jaure from Bergerac, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France. (I have no idea where that it is, except that it is in France)

Got a new PC

Old one was Windows 7 and required little maintenance, but the hardware was getting old. So, it was time.

Now I have Windows 10.

I am finding that learning a new OS a great diversion from Trump.

Interesting DNA results Scots, Irish, Brit - North Carolina/Georgia

I got my results from FtDNA. Tested autosomal (My Origins) DNA.

My mom was a Southerner - Scots, Irish, Brit etc. (Origins in GA and NC) Typical Appalachia southerner.

My mom's DNA is baffling. She is from NC and GA. Anglo surnames. I found a several hundred of my mom's relatives on Family Finder - all have Anglo surnames. Yet her DNA contribution is West and Central Europe. (France/Germany) and
0% British Isles.

My dad was Armenian - No surprises here.

Middle Eastern - 47%
Asia Minor - 47%
East Middle East - <2%

European - 52%
British Isles - 0%***
West and Central Europe - 45%***
East Europe - 4%
Scandinavian - 3%

Has anyone who is a Scots, Irish, Brit southerner had this type of result?

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