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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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Billy Crystal and Ted Williams

On the occasion of Billy's 50th BD his wife arranged for Ted Williams to call him. Ted, hearing that Billy had a small interest in the Arizona Dbacks organization remarked that if were to hit in the dry heat of Phoenix he would hit 285. Billy, astounded to hear the last man to ever hit 400 say he would only hit 285 said he was surprised to hear Williams say this. Ted replied, Billy I'm in a wheelchair.

Once upon a time Reich Wing racism was dog whistled to their followers,

now foghorns sound across the land.

First Switchhitters to win Batting Titles

AL-Mickey Mantle 1956
NL-Pete Rose 1968

It's a disgrace that Drumpt, a full-throated critic of a Gold Star family, is visiting the

Tomb of the Unknown Solder today. Given that Drumpt is traitor and a Putin Bootlicker, the only Tomb Drumpt should be visiting today is that of Lenin.

The West Wing theme music is my ring tone.

Sometimes I answer the phone with "What's Next," or "Big Block of Cheese, can I help you."

When we get the Senate back it's time to up the ante:

No judicial nominations for any court for 2 years. Let the voters sort it out in 2020.

FU Turtle of Kentucky.

MSNBC's Toad is full throated

both sides do it.

Never changes.

Granddaughter snark

She has reached the age so that I've begin teaching to tell time using traditional clock faces. I use my watch to ask her what time it is as well as clock on the wall. I ask her what time it is and she looks and figures it out. Finally, when I asked her what time it was she said "time for Papa to get a new watch."

Story-Joe Morgan

Let me say that Joe Morgan has always been my favorite baseball player of all time. That arm flapping and his clutch play. I loved watching him play.

When he was playing for the Astros he swung badly at a pitch and struck out. When he returned to the dugout his teammate Norm Miller approached pretending to use a bat as a microphone and began to interview him.

Miller: Joe you seemed to struggle with that pitch and that pitcher can you tell me what happened?

Morgan: Norm, let me explain. Do you know what the difference is between a curveball and a mf...... curveball?

Miller: No Joe can you tell me?

Morgan: You see with a curveball you can pickup the spin of the ball, see it, and hit it out of the park. Now your mf...... curveball looks just like a fastball until it crosses the plate where it falls off the table, you swing at it, and it's a mf...... strike three.

Love that Joe.

Chess Match-Mueller and Drumpt

As Mueller calmly and methodically removes Drumpt's pieces from the board, Manafort, Page, and Cohen (among others), Drumpt rails and flails. As Drumpt contemplates his coming checkmated position he contemplates one move only. That is, Drumpt sweeps the pieces from the board, stands up, and declares victory. And says to Mueller and observers-"do something about it."

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