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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 02:17 PM
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Why do we let the right wing frame the "debt limit" crisis?

It's not a vote to raise the debt limit.

It's a vote to pay for what the government has already spent.

It should be called "minimum yearly payment amount" as my credit card so nicely puts it.

Or "payment schedule 2013 debt".

Was the Hudson Lights Dev. the reason behind the closures to the GWB?

Here a part of an article from a NJ real estate writer about the development.

Having covered politics in New York and Pennsylvania for the Albany Times Union and the Patriot-News, it certainly seems as if it is well within the bounds of PLAUSIBLE -- given the kinds of dollars and players involved in deals like these -- that this real estate development deal is exactly the kind of issue that would cause political operatives to go wilding on a retribution scheme.

For instance, bond deals are always fodder for jealousy and shenanigans, because of the fees involved in generating the financing. What about the bond deal for Hudson Lights, as secured by Tucker Construction via banking giant Sovereign Santander? It's just one place to scratch around on to see if somehow, there are threads to be pulled. Retribution like closing bridge lanes may sound like stupidity, as Christie tried to characterize it. But it could be far worse and intentional that stupidity.

The key, going forward, will be to outline the background of this real estate development project. Nothing of this magnitude gets done anywhere without a lot of hands in the pot, or a lot of actors feeling like they may or may not have gotten their share of the deal.


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