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Nasty Jack

Profile Information

Name: Jack E. Dunning
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed Feb 20, 2013, 04:17 PM
Number of posts: 319

About Me

It is true that I am a cynic, pessimistic over what's going on in the world. As a skeptic, my initial take on issues is on the downside. What makes me optimistic is writing about it.

Journal Archives

John McCain doing the right thing

I live in Arizona, but, being a Progressive, have never voted for John McCain. I have said repeatedly that he has outlived his usefulness in the U.S. Senate. I was wrong! Twice. Both times he saved Obamacare, the last time along with Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, both of which will probably vote no again. Maybe McCain's no-vote wasn't even needed but being in the high visibility lane as he is, he gets the attention. For my money, Susan Collins is the most level-headed Senator we have in Congress, and just might be the woman to break the glass ceiling. And that coming from a Progressive.

Bill Cassidy relies on confusion to pass his healthcare bill

If you listen carefully to the Bobbsey Twins, Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Sen. Lindsey Graham of So. Carolina, re. their latest healthcare bill, you will come up with the conclusion that...you are confused. How many media events have you seen Cassidy in where a later fact-check has shot holes in his facts. Even late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said Cassidy lied right to his face during his show. Cassidy now quotes Thomas Jefferson and Federalism to sell his crap of a bill that would turn over a lot of the federal money and control to the states. Well, I wouldn't want the Governor of my state, Arizona, in charge of my healthcare. Doug Ducey has cut funding to education in this state to where we stand 43rd in the country. That's what he thinks of our kids.

Here's what the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says...

“…the Cassidy-Graham bill would have the same harmful consequences as those prior bills. IT WOULD CAUSE MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO LOSE COVERAGE, RADICALLY RESTRUCTURE AND DEEPLY CUT MEDICAID, AND INCREASE OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS FOR INDIVIDUAL MARKET CONSUMERS. It would cause many millions of people to lose coverage, radically restructure and deeply cut Medicaid, eliminate or weaken protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and increase out-of-pocket costs for individual market consumers.”

Basic coverage would be cut in to ways. First, "...by undoing the ACA’s major coverage expansions through a block grant." Second, "...by radically restructuring and cutting the entire Medicaid program." In other words, to hell with those who are really in need of healthcare coverage in order to please a group of Republicans that have been after Barack Obama and Obamacare since its inception in 2010. Conservatism is expanding in this country and it seems to me that the wealthy have finally convinced the middle class to share in their philosophy of tale care of yourself and let the others do the best they can. Pathetic!

Sinclair challenges Fox to most misinformation

Fox News remains the leader in news purveyors, regularly edging out CNN and MSNBC, which establishes the IQ, or the lack there of, for many TV viewers. But Kantt news says, "A conservative-based media company is putting political propaganda in your living room without you even knowing it." They refer to Sinclair Broadcast Group, founded in 1971 by Julian Sinclair Smith, the largest owner of television stations in the entire country. Their coverage is just under 40 percent of the population, and the goal is 72% for the near future. But apparently Donald Trump hasn't discovered it yet since Fox is still his primary source of information; Fox has "...presented misinformation and glorified propaganda to households across the country, which in turn has affected how people behave when they vote." Pathetic, since most of it is inaccurate, but illustrating just how Trump has put a ring in the noses of so many poor souls.

The following shows just how critical the dilemma is and questions how much confidence we should have in the local news stations owned by Sinclair across the country. Now they are after Tribune Media, which could turn Sinclair into a monopoly. This is how Kantt expresses it...

The conservative bias of Sinclair’s broadcasting is far worse than Fox News. Like a virus, it infiltrates our homes and spreads dangerous propaganda — and we might not even know it. A "2016 Pew Research Center study found that more people trust local news than national organizations."

Take the time to read the Kantt article. It is terrifying for Progressives!

Gov. Doug Ducey wants to deny thousands in Arizona healthcare

Doug Ducey is fast on his way to replace former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer as the worst governor in the country. His latest is to support the worst healthcare plan that has come from the Republicans, the Cassidy-Graham Bill, calling it the best answer to replacing Obamacare. This dufus could care less about the average Arizonan, many of which I am sure voted for him. Ducey has shown his preference for the wealthy in how he runs Arizona. As an example, the state ranks 43rd in education nationwide. But the deuce Ducey is still cutting taxes for the rich and for corporations.

A group of 10 governors has argued against the Graham-Cassidy bill and wrote in a letter to Senate leaders that they prefer a bipartisan push. But ole dumb Doug still plows ahead with reasoning only a dead desert cactus would understand. This state has been controlled by Republicans for so long that many think it is too late to save it. But Progressives are working, and I just hope I live long enough to see the change. I am 85.

Trump promotes his brand at United Nations

Let's see...how long did it take the Oval Office lunatic to get around to promoting himself in his first United Nations speech. Would you believe less than a minute? With but a smattering of appreciation for this esteemed body which allowed this maniac to even speak, he jumps right in to the following:

"Fortunately, the United States has done very well since Election Day last November 8th. The stock market is at an all-time high — a record. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 16 years, and because of our regulatory and other reforms, we have more people working in the United States today than ever before. Companies are moving back, creating job growth the likes of which our country has not seen in a very long time. And it has just been announced that we will be spending almost $700 billion on our military and defense."

The above contains some flaws and inaccuracies but the real point here is the fact that it is either a re-election diatribe or just simply more adoration for Donald Trump. No reaction yet from the UN but if No. Korea and Iran don't collectively declare war on the United States, I'll be very surprised. Read the article here.

Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill may have votes

That's what Sen. Elizabeth Warren says, adding, what the republicans "pulled out of the trash" is the worst of all their healthcare legislation. Here are some reasons:

• It guts funding for Medicaid – so if you need a nursing home or your baby is born with complex medical needs, you’re on your own.

• It rolls back protections for people with pre-existing conditions – so if you have a heart attack or get a cancer diagnosis, too bad.

• And it completely eliminates help for families to buy health insurance – so if you can’t afford health insurance, good luck out there.

The Senate dufus, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), said they would be back and they are in the likes of Lindsey Graham along with Bill Cassidy of Louisiana to try another end run on Obamacare. They claim 48 or 49 votes for a needed 50, with John McCain in the wings again.

Sen. Warren reminds us of the efforts put forth seven weeks ago and is enlisting our help once again suggesting we call friends and family plus broadcasting your support for the Affordable Care Act all over social media, do whatever you can to influence any Senate Republican vote, and participate in organizational events where you can get the word out. This should be the last hurrah but I wouldn't trust Mitch McConnell...well, I just wouldn't trust him with anything.

Is racism too inherent to abolish?

I did another post in this group on Sept. 5, "Racism is here to stay," which sort of answers the above headline. My conclusion was what I considered a "terrifying answer." That it was something we absorb through society, culture and from what our parents teach us. My parents did not teach me to be racist, nor did they teach me to look down on any group. I grew up in the deep South with respect for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Italians, the Irish...hell, I honestly did not think there was any difference. I must admit that I did join my peers in some off-color stuff and was always sorry for what I had done. But "Hate" was never the underlying factor in our joking around. It is now and this becomes more evident by the day in incidents like the one at baseball's Fenway Park in Boston. Fans unfurled a sign that said, "RACISM IS AS AMERICAN AS BASEBALL." Apparently it was meant as a statement of a fact of the times. But security made them take it down and they were promptly ushered out of the park. Here's the trio's statement...

"We want to remind everyone that just as baseball is fundamental to American culture and history, so too is racism," said a statement from the ejected group that was later emailed to CSN. "White people need to wake up to this reality before white supremacy can truly be dismantled. We urge anyone who is interested in learning more or taking action to contact their local racial justice organization."

Maybe this is the way to get the public's attention so that something can be done about the issue. Or is it like my headline, "too inherent to abolish?" Read the article and you try to decide.

Knew pharmaceutical companies were unethical, but just plain crooked?

There have been no ethics in the pharmaceutical industry for years. Their only concern is profits. An extreme example is Martin Shkreli who acquired the rights to Daraprim, an infectious disease drug, raising the price per pill from $13.50 to $750. Although not typical, this behavior mirrors the act of a company who would fake cancer patients to sell a drug. A company by the name of Insys Therapeutics received approval to sell an ultra-powerful opioid for cancer patients with acute pain but suddenly discovered their market was limited. No problem, "To boost sales, the company allegedly took patients who didn't have cancer and made it look like they did." According to a federal indictment, this was accomplished by, "...falsifying medical records, misleading insurance companies and providing kickbacks to doctors in league with the company." The all-American way to do business in the Donald Trump era. In their deception, employees pretended to be doctors' offices for the purpose of fooling insurance companies to approve the drug. The whole thing is so bizarre but the question is, just how many other pharmaceutical companies are into similar activities? Read more.

AZ Sen. Jeff Flake pathetic incumbent

And, I might add, Jeff Flake has been a pitiful Senator living up to his name since he has been in Congress. With his approval rating at 18, he faces former state Sen. Kelli Ward in the primary who holds a 14 point lead against him in one poll. A potential opponent in the 2018 election, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is running 40.5 % to Flake's 32.5% in the same poll. I have received three emails from Flake in the last month, not because I am a supporter, I'm not, but because I wrote to him asking for help on a medical issue, a request Flake did not even respond to. It wasn't personal, something I felt, along with many others, was wrong with the system. Nada, yet he sends me emails soliciting support. Checking GovTrack, I can find no significant accomplishments since he has been in Congress. The only plus in his column for me is that he opposes Donald Trump, but that's not likely to get him many votes in Arizona.

EPA head Scott Pruitt paves way for chemical plant explosions from Harvey

The longtime adversary of the Environmental Protection agency, and now the EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, had time to possibly prevent the explosions at the Houston chemical plant damaged by Harvey. In June, about 10 weeks before explosions and fires would begin erupting at the plant, "...Scott Pruitt placed a 20-month delay on the implementation of rules designed to prevent and contain spills, fires and explosions at chemical plants." Pruitt made the delay because of complaints from chemical companies re. these rules and regulations, clearly ducking his job of protecting the environment. This is the kind of people Donald Trump has placed in control of some of the most fragile areas of government. Like putting Betsy DeVoss in charge of education. T-rump is bad enough but when you think of all the tentacles he has carefully placed throughout the departments running this country, it is frightening.
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