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Shifting Views of Supreme Court’s Ideology among Liberals, Conservatives

As Many Now Call the Supreme Court ‘Conservative’ as ‘Liberal’

Overall views of the U.S. Supreme Court – and its ideology – have changed only modestly since last measured in April before the court’s end-of-term decisions, including the Hobby Lobby ruling that limits the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive requirement.

The national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted July 8-14 among 1,805 adults, finds that as many Americans call the court liberal (26%) as say it is conservative (27%). More (38%) say the current Supreme Court is “middle of the road.” Before the recent rulings, somewhat more viewed the court as liberal (31%) than conservative (25%), with 35% viewing it as middle of the road.

Liberal Democrats are much more likely to see the court as conservative after this term’s rulings; fully 60% now say this, compared to less than half in April (47%). Today, liberal Democrats are nearly twice as likely as the public overall to say the court is conservative.

The survey (also) finds that 52% of Americans now view the nation’s highest court favorably, while 38% have an unfavorable opinion. Ratings of the court have edged lower since April (from 56% favorable). Current ratings are mired near all-time lows (reached a year ago) as the court’s image has declined significantly over the past several years. In January 2007, 72% held a positive view of the court.

more: http://www.people-press.org/2014/07/31/shifting-views-of-supreme-courts-ideology-among-liberals-conservatives/
Posted by DeadLetterOffice | Fri Aug 1, 2014, 09:27 AM (2 replies)
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