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Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard's Journal
Shemp Howard's Journal
September 24, 2014

A Question, and an Answer

Question: How many countries can you bomb before your Nobel Peace Prize is revoked?

Answer: At least seven.

August 19, 2014

Here's the one question I'd like to ask the Ferguson police.

For the sake of argument, let's assume that every last thing that the Ferguson police have said is true:

1. Brown robbed a store just before the shooting.
2. When the cop stopped Brown, Brown punched the cop and tried to take his gun.
3. After running 35 feet from the cop, Brown turned and began running towards the cop.

So here's my question:

Don't the Ferguson police carry non-lethal weapons? Why didn't this cop use pepper spray, a taser, or a baton? Any of those three would be effective in neutralizing an unarmed man. If you've been pepper-sprayed, tasered, or hit by a baton, you'll know what I mean (in my younger years, I was pepper-sprayed).

I haven't seen the question asked anywhere, so I'm going to ask it. Why wasn't a non-lethal weapon employed here?

Side note: I think I know why. The cop was, at minimum, a coward. But I would like to see the Ferguson police chief try to answer my question.

August 1, 2014

What is really going on in Gaza?

I've been following the latest Israeli incursion into Gaza. And I've tried to be objective, ignoring all the propaganda and disinformation.

So here's my question to the DU community. Why all the horrific civilian casualties? As I see it, it is one (or perhaps a combination) of the six possibilities below. Note that I am not focusing on the reasons for the incursion, but on the reasons for the civilian casualties.

How do you see it, and, more importantly, why?

1. Israel is trying to target military targets only, and the civilian casualties are just an unfortunate side effect of that. (No one's fault.)

2. Israel is trying to target military targets only, and the civilian casualties are mainly due to where Hamas placed its weapons. (Hamas at fault.)

3. Israel is trying to target military targets only, and the civilian casualties are mainly due to Hamas rockets that have fallen short. (Hamas at fault.)

4. Israel is trying to target military targets only, but without any regard to civilian casualties. (Israel at fault.)

5. Israel is deliberately trying to kill Gaza's civilians, to punish them for supporting Hamas. (Israel at fault.)

6. Israel is deliberately trying to kill Gaza's civilians, as a type of ethnic cleansing. (Israel at fault.)

February 23, 2014

Austin Police Chief's UNBELIEVABLE response to jogger arrest.

Last Thursday a female jogger in Austin, Texas was arrested, handcuffed, and thrown into a police car for the high crime of jay-walking. Many people think that the police overreacted.

So Austin Police Chief Acevedo issued a statement about the incident. The chief said it's no big deal because the police just arrested her and didn't sexually assault her.

Read that last sentence again. Let it sink in.

The story, along with video of the actual arrest, is here:


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