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Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard's Journal
Shemp Howard's Journal
April 27, 2016

This is breaking my heart.

I have never seen a primary, D or R, where the differences between the two top candidates are so stark.

Bernie Sanders represents the little person, the person who has more month than money. Bernie has never accepted a speaking fee from a big bank, because he knows such fees have many strings attached. Big banks don't give away their money. They invest their money carefully, and expect a future return.

Bernie is consistent. A speech he gives before one group carries the same message as a speech given before any another group. He does not pander. He does not shift his positions to appease a particular audience. He is genuine.

But the media and the DNC had rather Bernie just go away. He does not fit their establishment mold. And so the media and the DNC shun him. And it has worked, as we have seen this past Tuesday. It is breaking my heart.

April 7, 2016

I'm sick and tired of the delegate counts...

I'm sick and tired of Democratic delegate counts that lump in the superdelegates with the pledged delegates. Hillary is currently leading Bernie by 250 pledged delegates.

But my local news and the national news, they all report that Hillary is currently leading by 688 delegates. Then they comment on how "difficult" it will be for Bernie to overcome such a big lead.

That is very misleading, as superdelegates can - and often do - switch their allegiances at convention time. To pull ahead, Bernie has to overcome a 250 delegate lead, not a 688 one.

Do these news sources not understand how superdelegates work? Or are they just trying to discourage Bernie supporters, and portray Hillary as the inevitable nominee?

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