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Member since: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 09:43 PM
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James Comey: Not talked about much

Clinton was leading, by a lot, leading up to the 11 day out Comey announcement.

Early votes, she killed it.

Then Comey makes a vague statement, media runs with it, campaign down the tubes.

Hillary is getting a lot of criticism, which some she deserves; but I'm pretty sure up until the whole Comey announcement, this election was hers in a big way. I had confidence in her the entire time until the letter, then seeing everything crumble and the polls tighten up.

Had she lost without the announcement, I'd be all over the bandwagon but I'm pretty sure most people can point to that as the turning point in the election.

George Bush 2000: The backlash?

I was in 10th grade.

I know about the Florida recount, supreme court, governor etc.

What was the mood of the country like afterwards? Similar to this? People saying "not my President"? Lack of respect, lack of confidence, an unconstitutional President?

I'm wondering if the country is more upset about Trump than Bush.

I'm looking for Hope that the next 4-8 years won't bring the apocalypse.

Hillary will be good for America

I thought about writing a "concern" post but decided to write a positive one.

I think Hillary will push children issues to the forefront and be expansive on early education and resources.

I think Hillary will not only be more socially liberal but also an economic powerhouse. She is very intelligent and she thinks through her actions. Her and Bill have amassed wealth and power, and I think she understands world economies.

I think she'll be more moderate and even right leaning in some respects to the economy, but personally that's how I trend.

Foreign policy is going to be increasingly difficult in the coming years, I think Hillary can navigate those waters and if we end up in a real war, I trust her to lead.

I don't agree with everything she says she's for but I do know Hillary is stable. She will be a stable asset to the country.

Cast my vote today in Austin, TX

Voted straight ticket Democrat except for I think 1 or 3. Anything tax related. I was pretty happy to vote for Hillary Clinton, I was wondering if I'd have any inkling of clicking Donald Trump, but I did not. That makes me feel good.

I voted for the libertarian Tax Assessor, with so many people entering Austin, I would hope taxes can go down because of more growth.

I voted against the mobility package; it does not alleviate highway congestion, which is what costs us the most productivity and the matching funds from the federal government was not guaranteed, which means we'd likely have to fund it. I'm not saying the mobility package wouldn't have been nice for the Lamar corridor et al, but I wanted to send a message to the City Council to actually address highway congestion.

I made a mistake and voted for people I did not know in the ACC positions. They did not have party affiliations and I did not research them prior to going, so I ended up choosing the women running or a random name. I should not have voted for things I didn't have a clue on, oops.

My rep Roger Williams (R) is up for election, I voted for Kathi Thomas (D); I don't think she ran a very good campaign, I barely heard about either of them in any media....but I guess she's good.

Anyway, just felt like sharing my experience, I voted at the Randalls off William Cannon & Mopac.
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