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Member since: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,550

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Expect a mass server exploit over Xmas: Change root/su pws

I've been seeing a lot more Russian contact on my websites in the past week. This is not fearmongering because of the election, it's something I notice before most mass hacks.

Fake accounts made on my business sites, fake contact forms filled out, more upticks from alien countries. I run Joomla CMS as my front-end and I notice this stuff over Christmas happening a lot. 2 years ago it was Palestine hackers, the year before it was Turkish. I am not a security expert, I am just going on past experience and the number of hits have been ramping up.

I would change your superuser passwords just in case, maybe check your logs if you run a widely used CMS.

Suggestion: Weekly Call To Action (CTA)?

I think adding a daily or weekly call to action, a campaign of sorts to help further the Democratic Agenda and help harness/focus the DU Population into action. This will also have the added benefit of bringing in more daily/weekly traffic to the site as people come back to check for a new campaign and get involved. The idea could be posted at the top or side of the site as a banner.

A few examples would be:
Look up your counties democratic party representatives and election dates
Make a FOIA request to politicians over a certain topic and post it online
Learn about who are the potential republicans running in your next local election

I personally am not willing to be involved enough to do this myself, but I think if one of the site contributors spent an hour a day/week and made an easy template that people can either click to complete (such as linking to: Who is my representative) or a template on how to make FOIA requests.

Daily "missions" such as this work wonders in games and can help DU not only keep viewership engaged, but also help further the Democratic Agenda, as well as raise the profile of DU in the political spectrum.

The CTA would need about an hours worth of thought to head off people's questions/concerns over cost; including information like this is helpful:

Why do I have to pay to file a request?

There is no fee to file a FOIA request. FOIA established three fee categories that agencies use to determine if fees will be charged:
(1) commercial requesters may be charged fees for searching for records, reviewing the records, and photocopying them;
(2) news media, educational or noncommercial scientific institutions are charged for photocopying, after the first 100 pages;
(3) all other requesters (requesters who do not fall into any of the other three categories) are charged for photocopying after 100 pages and for time spent searching for records in excess of two hours.

In the event that fees are incurred beyond what you are entitled to for free, please indicate a specific amount that you are willing to pay. If you do not indicate another amount in FOIAonline, please be advised that some agency regulations provide that making a FOIA request represents an agreement to pay fees up to $25 (See Agency specific regulations from the links on the main page).
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