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Member since: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,550

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Where's the protests? R Convention

I haven't heard much at all about protests at the RNC. Are any ongoing? My only news checking has been DU and CNN for about 10 minutes a day this week.

Just before the convention an older protest leader said there would be riots, tear gas and stuff.

Are the police just doing a good job at controlling the situation, are the protests just peaceful or is the media under reporting?

I haven't seen anything about them on DU except the code pink tennis ball post this morning.

Is anybody else a tad bit afraid of the crazies?

I follow politics and news but I don't really get involved, I'm pretty busy with my business and family. With all of the shootings, terror and whatever is going on, I get a bit afraid; most of it seems random.

Normally I can lower my risk by not going in the bad neighborhoods, but nowadays this stuff is going on everywhere.

I'm not only afraid of the randomness, but also how hard our government might crackdown on it and create chaos.

Too much vitriol (every side) and victim mentality pushing is creating chaos nobody needs.

Am I over feeling it?

Does anybody have Hillarys economic plan?

I'm wondering what her ideas are to work on the national debt.

She's a pragmatic but she's adopted some of Bernies ideas that are expensive and I'm wondering how this will play out in September/October especially in debates.

Anybody know where I can find any good details/analysis on what she wants to do?

Bernie likely to endorse Clinton at Joint event in NH on Tuesday

Andrea Mitchell Twitter:https://twitter.com/mitchellreports
Andrea Mitchell ‏@mitchellreports 20m20 minutes ago
.@HillaryClinton @BernieSanders camps talking about possible Sanders endorsement as soon as Tuesday in NH if no more hitches

Kyle Griffin ‏@kylegriffin1 https://twitter.com/kylegriffin1 (MSNBC Producer)
24m24 minutes ago
JUST IN: NBC News has learned Clinton & Sanders in talks for joint event as early as next Tuesday in NH -- per 2 sources familiar w/ talks.

Rachel Maddow: right now, very interesting, former Islamist interview

Turn on msnbc.

Very interesting interview.

She's interviewing a young man from London named Sohail Ahmed who was young and radicalized and thought about carrying out an attack.

He chose not to.

Now he's educating people on what he thought and how we can help people.

He's also gay.

It's difficult to get me engaged, this is interesting.

You have to accomplish something

At some point, during a winning process, you have to accomplish a goal.

Sanders right now is not accomplishing any goals. He set out to win, and it's OK that he didn't; sometimes you don't win. But he has had a second chance to accomplish some goals and he is squandering that chance. Endorsing Hillary, backing the Democratic party and joining the ship would have put him in a position to accomplish something.

If he continues his line of choices, after the convention, none of his goals will be completed. He'll have a speech, a rally but then nothing.

At some point you have to actually do something.

If you're a Bernie supporter, how do you see him actually getting something done?

Speculation: Hillary to meet Obama and Bernie Thursday night

She has a planned parenthood meeting on Friday in Washington DC and nothing scheduled Thursday.

I am speculating all three meet on Thursday at the Whitehouse.

Her schedule:

How to help in swing states?

With the nomination all but over, I've been thinking about the transition to swing states. I live in Texas, we won't flip blue this year.

I'm not going to travel anywhere but I've been trying to think of ways to help out in swing states but I'm drawing a blank. I might head down to the local democratic office next week and see if there's any ideas but I think they're focused locally.

Any ideas?

Enjoying my time here

I'm very very middle of the road moderate. I lean left because the RW is too nuts but I'm far from far left. However, my wife is pretty extreme left.

90% of my interactions have been pleasant and I've found a lot of astute people here willing to discuss with a moderate like myself. Although, I know not to push it too far on certain things, I still try to make it clear I'm a Democrat, but I don't agree with every issue.

I just wanted to say, most of the community is open to discussion and I appreciate that. I'm enjoying myself.

I think the moderators do a great job.

Are you sure?

She's overwhelmingly winning this race.

I don't see Hail Mary's..
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