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Member since: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 09:43 PM
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I'm not upset Trump fired the leaders.

When a Democrat wins, I'd expect them to do the same thing. Trump is far RW right now and he did what he does, make stupid decisions on the fly, but it wasn't illegal and it was expected. I'm not upset.

I AM upset about Trumps insane policies. His RW picks. His LACK of forethought. Pretty much everything he does excudes incompetence.

I fully support Sally Yates and I think what she did was awesome. She sent a message, and people are listening.

He tweets as camouflage...focus on the issues.

He does the same thing every time.

Announces controversial and insane nominations, policy stances, executive orders. Then tweets about the media or something else off the wall.

We (Americans) need to stop chasing the squirrel and focus on policy.

Distractions like this is why we forgot how bad Betsy DeVos was and why she'll probably be confirmed. Or after a week we will forget about this ban on Muslim countries.

He's normalizing our expectations.

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