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Member since: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 12:44 AM
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I'm losing my Jack,

My old dog Jack, a Jack Russel terrier is 17 years old. He had some kind of a stroke 2 years ago and I have to take him outside every hour or so to go potty.

I did not want the dog, he was a year old and had nipped a child then put in doggy jail.

Jack was the best woods dog I ever had. He outperformed every other dog I ever had.

So I scheduled a death day for him next week.

Thank you for your replies

and the thoughtful humor. The smartest people I know are right here on DU.

I have been working 14-16 hr days and apologize for my absence from this thread. You didn't miss much. This thread is not abandoned!

I wish I could have voted as a kid, nullifying my Dad's Nixon votes. Mom probably voted Pop's way out of fear.

Children, above age six, should have the right to vote.

Children's suffrage, because they have the most to gain or lose by the various outcomes.
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