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This is just flat out untrue.

The Democratic Party is not the "left". They are an establishment party in one of the most reactionary, conservative countries. They are quite conservative by world standards, and are certainly nowhere near as left as what limited leftist movements we have in the United States.

If you wanted to say that "The Democratic Party are the Liberals in this country.", I would agree. But they are not the left.

I am not represented by the Democratic Party.

Please do not diminish the true, radical left embodied by people in the Black Lives Matter movements, in labor groups, and others. Their accomplishments are not those of the Democratic Party. Do not help the establishment to co-opt those movements as they have successfully done so many times in the past. It helps to obscure history, and takes away from what the left in this country has been able to change.

Sanders is a much better person than most any politician out there. He has been consistent in representing the liberal wing of the party. That, I do not disagree with. But he still works within the framework of capitalism, and that means he is not "left" beyond the very narrow scope of US politics.


He tells the truth. I'm glad he doesn't lie for votes.

Weird how that's something that seems to resonate with voters...
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