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cornball 24

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Member since: Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 1,438

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I am pissed! We have a fecking evil idiot at the helm who will do ANYTHING to distract

from his malevolence. The spineless REPUKES are his enablers. The few that do have a spine feel the need to tiptoe around him knowing that anything the DICKtator deems as as an assault on him will trigger even more destructive and insane behavior. Mr. Mueller, HELP!!!!

George H. W. Bush, thank you for your service.

Re. Dump and today's events, the really stupid people are those who think everyone else is stupid!

2020 Joe for POTUS, Beto for V.P. - 2024 Beto for POTUS. Thoughts?

They're bringing in the rain...

Fake news is to blame.
What a furious feeling
I look crappy again.
They really don't care
How rain will mess up my hair
They just want me to look bad
When I see Vlad again.

What if the families in the "caravan" we're given and wore MAGA hats. Would the hater in chief,

due to his pathological narcissism, back off!

Pittsburgh, as a fellow Pennsylvanian, I am so proud! Watching peaceful protest against the

exploitive and unwanted presence of Chump at Tree of Life.

If you haven't seen this video of former Supreme Court Justice David Souter speaking

on the perils of eroded civic knowledge, I urge you to do so. Link is: https://www.MSNBC.com/rachel-maddow/watch/perils-of-eroded-civic-knowledge.

Dump just spoke the truth during Tricky Nikki meeting. Dump said "I KNOW NOTHING"!

By calling them "the mob", McConnell the Disgrace is trying to poke the peaceful demonstrators in

to taking a more angry stance. He is vile!
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