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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 2,479

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Social distancing ... GOP got religion

: repub definition

Stay away from less the desirable but stay close to the deplorable .... exact opposite of JESUS'S TEACHINGS

Repub, GOP, trump, have brought America to her knees

For all the fools that think trump is doing the right thing ... well, he is failing and the longer you believe in trump, the longer it will take for all of us and our loved ones to become safe from this pandemic.

New book title for trump COVID-19 response ...

"It Takes a Village Idiot"

Pluto ... wise pooch

Wouldn't be great if Federal Gov. really could help us?

trump et al are so fucking guilty of preventing Americans from being killed by SARS-COV-2 .... remind everyone that this is the second attack of SARS ... remember the one that Obama saved the world spread of SARS -COV-1?

When the scorched Human disaster is over

let's scourge all the GOP, they fucking deserve to be held responsible for this attack on the USA and not preventing this ... sorry but no excuses

Wonderful feelings NYC

trump boiles his culdron, "Bubble and boil, who will I kill today"


Carona King the Don, protector of deplorables, over the lands.

Please splaine why we have to suffer trump's learning curv when it comes to

life and death? The worst pres ever. We bought (not us) trump and all we got was so many new ways to suffer and die. We warned, we pleaded, we tried to impeach ... trump was never up to the position of "Leader of the Free World" .... the world is never free for trump, always a price tag, even if your loved ones die. WTFFFFF America?
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