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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 2,017

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Pardons, dangeling pardons

That is why giuliani thinks he can go the stretch for trump! Not worried about a thing unless trump puts him cement boots in the East River!

"Why can't we live together"

trump, just like W bush, ... 'has opened the gates of hell'

their souls are fucked in hell

Need to change Constitution - Executive Power

When the US Constitution was written, who could ever have imagined how much power would eventually be placed in the branch of the Executive. trump gets to cause and facilitate a genocide, in Syria, without any advice from anyone? Putting our own men and women in our military in danger? Unbelievable

Marie Yovanovitch Paul Revere

..... she is great American hero

So excited that my 2,000th DU post finds that,

finally, we are witnessing the complete collapse of trump here and on the world stage. Thanks to DU!

Just thinking about trump's incarceration

Would secret service have to provide him security?

FOX news has little to none, Americans of color on any of their commercials

Has anyone taken the time to analyze this? When I watch CNN, MSNBC, CBS ... cable news, during prime time they run commercials with plenty of diversity that reflects our society as a whole. NOT FOX, the white supremacist channel.

I remember when minorities were never seen on the TV. In fact, my sister babysat for a family down the street and the father would yell to change the channel if a black person was on the screen. FOX keeps the stank going.

trump decision with Kurds will lose him the VFW

... a coward is not something they will abide and they know one when they see one. Sacrificing a buddy that has had their back in war will never be accepted. IMO

American healthcare - in a fucking story

Trying to help a dear friend in Florida; the story. She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She was released from the hospital on her second day after falling. Her fall at home in her condo broke the toilet tank so before anyone could come to the rescue her, the place had 2 inch's of water, throughout. Social workers came over to see that her place was not habitable so the only place that could accept her (no beds available anywhere) was emergency temporary stay at Hospice. We wanted to get her into rehab to get her stronger but rehab (per insurance) said that she had to spend 3 days in the hospital to allow insurance to pay for rehab.

Now her insurance, that she has paid for says that since she entered Hospice that they will no longer cover anything ... Humanna
... the same folks that kicked her out after 2 days in the hospital , knowing full well that she would not be allowed into rehab.

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