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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
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Read between the lines, E. Jean Carroll could not tell if trump

was halfway or all the way inside her during his sexual assault/rape upon her .... Does anyone else understand what I understand? trump has a very small penis .... haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa ... she couldn't even tell?

trumper men should be worried that

their trumper supporting wives and girl friends all secretly wish that their men were trump ... fantasy land ... men might get a severe case of envy if they really figure out the truth.

"Sit down and watch" ....

my father told this to me in 1963. I asked "why?"
He said, "Because this is history."
Dad and Mom where watching the televised funeral of our recently assassinated President, J.F. Kennedy.
I sat and watched for a short time, looking for my escape from something I could never understand, being a very young age. I do remember the procession down Pennsylvania Ave.

Mrs. Kennedy instructed chief usher J.B. West to follow the protocol and details of Lincoln's 1865 state funeral for her husband. Kennedy's remains were taken to the center of the East Room and set upon the same catafalque used at Lincoln's funeral. On the twenty-third various officials and heads of state were received and viewed the flag-draped coffin. The public was not admitted. The following day the coffin was taken to the Capitol rotunda. More than 250,000 people filed past Kennedy's flag-draped coffin. On November 25, the day of the funeral, a horse-drawn caisson carried the casket down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. There Mrs. Kennedy and the mourners, official and personal, waited. They walked with the procession—military escort, band, and the symbolic rider less horse with boots reversed in the stirrups—eight blocks to St. Matthew's Cathedral, where the funeral service was held. After the service, the caisson carried the president's remains to their final resting place in Arlington Memorial Cemetery.


In 1969 my father again said ... "Sit down and watch history being made."
I did watch and was totally captivated. It was summer. We kids ran out to look at the Moon to see if we could see the astronauts.

It is only seven months since NASA's made a bold decision to send Apollo 8 all the way to the moon on the first manned flight of the massive Saturn V rocket.

Now, on the morning of July 16, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins sit atop another Saturn V at Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. The three-stage 363-foot rocket will use its 7.5 million pounds of thrust to propel them into space and into history.

At 9:32 a.m. EDT, the engines fire and Apollo 11 clears the tower. About 12 minutes later, the crew is in Earth orbit. (› Play Audio)

After one and a half orbits, Apollo 11 gets a "go" for what mission controllers call "Translunar Injection" - in other words, it's time to head for the moon. Three days later the crew is in lunar orbit. A day after that, Armstrong and Aldrin climb into the lunar module Eagle and begin the descent, while Collins orbits in the command module Columbia. (› View Flash Feature)


Never give up on the young. Inspire them, educate them, let them experience life.

trump rally, when are they serving the bug juice?

Woopsie, don't drink it!

You can access more than the 24 news cycle

Where the elite, intelligentsia post ... maybe?


It has dawned on me that USA is now holding back the world

instead of captaining the world to a better place ... that was our leadership roll for the past 100 years, no longer thanks to GOP and the new trump party. Yes, we have had many problems and failures along the way but the American soul of progress has always been kept alive. Climate change initiatives, green energy projects, human rights, woman's rights, health care, racial and economic parity, science research, diplomacy as a tool for international understanding, are all being cut off by trump. Now we are looking at a possible war with Iran? Here we are again ... smells like george w bush and the 'learn nothing' repubs. Just read that trump ends stem cell research from fetal tissue ( george w did the same) so this will set back medical research another decade. Good going GOP.

Abortion survivors ... women and girls

Maybe we need to redefine women who have had an abortion as "women abortion survivors" ... from war, rape, neglect. incest ...

Abortion survivors. Women and girls never would want an abortion except for the following reasons:
1. They have been raped, not only in our so called civil societies but, during times of war in countries where rape is a tool of war.
2. Girls are incest victims by family members including fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins.
3. Women that have no financial support from their government nor from the fathers and can't afford a pregnancy.
4. Girls are too young to bear a pregnancy that might kill them.
5. Women are drug/alcohol addicted.
6. The fetus is severely deformed and carrying this pregnancy to anything like a full term might kill the mother.
7. The woman has mental health issues.

Peasant clothing? It could be a thing in the fashion world soon?

since most of us are being forced back into feudal times due to climate change and wealth disparage.

The 'Tunic' ... what we will all be wearing if trump wins in 2020.

While the fashions of the upper classes were changing with the decade (or at least the century), peasants and laborers stuck to the useful, modest garments their progenitors had been clad in for generations during the Middle Ages. Of course, as the centuries passed, minor variations in style and color were bound to appear; but, for the most part, European peasants wore very similar clothing in most countries from the 8th to the 14th century.
The Ubiquitous Tunic

The basic garment worn by men, women, and children alike was a tunic. This appears to have evolved from the tunica of late antiquity. Such tunics are made either by folding over a long piece of fabric and cutting a hole in the center of the fold for the neck or by sewing two pieces of fabric together at the shoulders, leaving a gap for the neck. Sleeves, which weren't always part of the garment, could be cut as part of the same piece of fabric and sewn closed or added later. Tunics fell to at least the thighs. Though the garment might be called by different names at different times and places, the construction of the tunic was essentially the same throughout these centuries.

At various times, men and, less often, women wore tunics with slits up the sides to afford more freedom of movement. An opening at the throat was fairly common to make it easier to put on over one's head; this might be a simple widening of the neck hole; or, it might be a slit that could be tied closed with cloth ties or left open with plain or decorative edging.

Women wore their tunics long, usually to mid-calf, which made them, essentially, dresses. Some were even longer, with trailing trains that could be used in a variety of ways. If any of her chores required her to shorten her dress, the average peasant woman could tuck the ends of it up in her belt. Ingenious methods of tucking and folding could turn the excess fabric into a pouch for carrying picked fruit, chicken feed, etc.; or, she could wrap the train over her head to protect herself from the rain.

Women's tunics were usually made of wool. Woolen fabric could be woven rather finely, though the quality of the cloth for working-class women was mediocre at best. Blue was the most common color for a woman's tunic; though many different shades might be achieved, the blue dye made from woad was used on a large percentage of manufactured cloth. Other colors were unusual, but not unknown: pale yellow, green, and a light shade of red or orange could all be made from less-expensive dyes. All these colors would fade in time; dyes that stayed fast over the years were too expensive for the average laborer.


Melania ... fake story ... fake lady

Big question ... did she actually graduate from college?

Where is the Tea party now that their party

has just ticked up the national deficit by 42% OVER LAST YEAR? Fuckers, suckers ... 'come out , come out where ever you are' ...

The federal deficit in May reached $208 billion, surging 42 percent over last May’s monthly deficit figure, according to new Treasury Department data released Wednesday.

The figure put the cumulative deficit for the eight months of fiscal 2019 at $739 billion, within range of the full 2018 deficit, which amounted to $779 billion, according to the Treasury figures. Treasury estimates that the full deficit will exceed $1 trillion by the time the fiscal year wraps up at the end of September.

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