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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Video shows Capitol rioter hit officer with fire extinguisher

Dramatic new video shows the moment a US Capitol rioter hit an officer in the head with a fire extinguisher during Wednesday’s chaotic siege.

The footage obtained by Storyful from Wednesday’s siege shows droves of violent demonstrators storming past a barricade as US Capitol Police desperately try to keep them corralled on the west side of the building at about 2:30 p.m.

“They broke through, it’s on!” one man is heard yelling as the chaotic clip begins.

Moments later, a rioter tosses the fire extinguisher toward a group of officers below, striking one on the helmet. It’s unclear if the cop who was plunked was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, 42. He died at a hospital Thursday after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the melee, two law enforcement sources told the Associated Press.


How can republicans be lawmakers when they can't tell the difference between right and wrong?

They did not hold a trial in the Senate after The House gave them reams of documentation as to the guilt of djt. Now, after inciting an insurrection against our democracy where he basically unleashed assassins against another branch of our government, not a single one of the repubs knows what side of the law to stand on? Are not most of these elected repubs lawyers? Who would grant them a degree for they are as ignorant of the basics of right and wrong as a 2 year old? Oh, yes, Harvard and Yale Law Schools! Well elite Law Schools, is that why we have to listen to these arss holes in the first place. Let us cut this BS elitism law school steel cord now. Just because you graduated from an Ivy Law school no longer gives you any moral authority over anyone. We actually respect your crowd less. and your fucking schools too.

Would one talking head ask this question: What if Nancy Pelosi was assassinated?

Ask that question to every fucking repub like cruz, hawley ... ask the 'traitors 13' ask pence too what if he was murdered? and don't let him laugh it off like he always does.

Dragnet ... arrest all the Capital Traitors

All the repubs sound alike, from ted cruz, to the guy with fur and horns, to the orange anus .... "we didn't do nuttin copper' weeees white folks and we can just smile at the camera and say, God bless America and we are patriots and all will be well .... the fucking irony

Just wondering what all the flag waving/anthem standing crowd now think about

Colin Kaepernick peaceful kneeling to trump's people tearing down the US Flag from flying over OUR Capital building and replacing it with a trump flag? trump terrorists ????? flying a foreign flag over OUR CAPITAL? For me this is the most important symbol of trump's and his party's desire to overthrow of our country.


A gift for trump .... from the American people

No more "What If's" cause we are at our final "What Now" moment

This moment was predicted 4 years ago by everyone who saw this coming. That is why we voted for Hillary Clinton. Hillary warned us all that this day would come. It seems like we as country stood frozen for 4 years and watched it all unfold .... and even now seemingly paralyzed (because repubs) we watch this monster sitting in OUR House, to do whatever he does to violate every norm and law. Yes battles were fought, exhausted everyone.

Our What Now moment means to me ........ summon a back bone of steel like never before and do not bend. I believe we have great leadership in place with the Biden team, they will not let us down. WE, can't let them down. No BS right now with the party politics as usual. Together, Joe and Kamala have back bones of steel, look at all they have to face without the traitors. Don't worry so much about next month or next year because they need us NOW!!!! SHOW THEM WE ARE WITH THEM and all our elected Democrats!!!! YES!!!! UNITED WE STAND, stronger than before. Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi and look at Stacey Abrams ... still kicking back hard at unrighteousness. Thank you for listening. I'm fired up!

Auld Lang Syne ... and such a year for remembrances

Nancy and Chuck ... history has your back ... so ACT with the New Congress

Put the monkey on their backs because they own all of this and also because they will not stop trying to undermine our Democratic foundations. Fight them now or we will have to fight them later at much more disadvantaged position. We as Democrats, do not want to find ourselves in this position. Just asking for a power punch, not never done under the Rule of Law, just deliver it to them .... Kick them in the Mofo teeth with it... these repubs are about to stand up on the House floor and say that President-Elect Biden and Madam Vice President Elect Kamala Harris were not duly elected !!!! Well I believe that we need an equally, overwhelmingly, forceful message to the civil war throw backs (you lost already, you lost again, just blow away, the south ain't gonna rise again unless she be a BLACK WOMAN). DON'T seat these folks .... period !!!!!

The Civil War Senate Reacts to Secession
Clement Claiborne Clay, Jr. a senator from Alabama, 1853-1861

Declares Seats Vacant and Expels Disloyal Members

Senate Action Against Disloyal Members (by state)


"He that trusts in a lie, shall perish in truth."

... Just can't wait, how many days left for trump and larvae= magats reign of terror? Not soon enough for this world.

Living Well Is the Best Revenge

Collector: Collected and published by George Herbert in 1640

Context: Perhaps you have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The adage above suggests that you should persevere to achieve success and enjoyment. In 1640 George Herbert’s compilation of “Outlandish Proverbs” appeared in London. Here is a small miscellaneous selection of expressions from the book: 1

Man Proposeth, God disposeth.
Living well is the best revenge.
Poverty is no sinne.
Hee begins to die, that quits his desires.
Every one is a master and servant.
He that trusts in a lie, shall perish in truth.

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