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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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I remember the NYT lying us into WAR?

Judith Miller, anyone else remember her reporting?

Has anyone asked Clarence Thomas his opinion

on the Kavanaugh case?

GOP, the greatest defenders

of the RAPE culture.

No, no, no and NO

The Supreme Court already has a sexual harasser/predator serving (Clarence Thomas). NO, to another one. Sexual predators will be over represented on the court if they confirm Brett Michael Kavanaugh.

Disgusting, I know

but after taking my dog to the Vet's office ... anal sacs .... trump has a new name, "pres anal sac"

102 Minutes That Changed America: 15th Anniversary Addition


It's over

trump admin. is swirling the drain . The forces of truth have taken over, proceed. Time to turn energy to fight full on, to help Dems win. Feeling positive for the first time in a long time. Shiat storm is coming but focus on the prize!

The bad seed

Anyone left who does not understand why trump was shipped off to boarding school? He was a bad seed. Young trump needed discipline. Pity he never got that .... or love ... because now all the world has become his therapist. Military boarding school was the last resort, back in the day, for problem boys from rich families ... poor kids just go into the justice system.
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