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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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NO, no, no ... FREE SPEECH in the Constitution, hear me out

If these strict constitutionalists want to argue free speech just as they want to argue their second amendment rights, purity, as stated in the Constitution, well then let's have one open discussion on the floor of the House and Senate and finally call then to show their cards and end this stupid argument once and for all. The Constitution is a living document, if it were not than most of our laws would be become moot. This is what repubs want the SC to eventually do to every decision ..... but that is for another discussion.

So we say, get a musket if you want your right to bear arms because that is the only arms/guns the Founding Fathers were referring to. Say what? They say. Logical we say. Brain freeze .... from there I have never heard one good argument ....

When Free Speech is referred to, the Founding Fathers never mentioned social media or TV or anything else radio, electronic or mass media where millions around the world could be reached by a tweet and being held ACCOUNTABLE TO NO ONE !?!? That is too much power in the hands of a few, something our Founders were totally against... they only thought of standing on the soap box or of the Free Press consisting of news papers and pamphlets .... seriously, we must reign in these seditious members of congress ... some of them who will sit as jury over trump and continue to post or allow anti-American stuff on their Facebook pages (I was on cruz page the other day fighting every crazy RW crap and this MF cruz does nothing to stop any of it).

Wake up !!!! The Free Speech parasites are co opting our DEMOCRACY ... just like they always have ... but this time it is deadly serious.


So? Why don't the Sunday talking heads ask the question? ....

Why were there missing Supreme Court Justices from the inauguration? And, WHY?

So I got in a discussion about raising the min. wage with still trumpers

I know, I am stupid to step in where no sane person should tread .... however (!!!!!) these idiots are wobbly now so I am giving to them as hard as I can.

They were complaining about how much they would have to pay for a pizza .... I told them if they were so cheap about giving folks a living wage then maybe they should not order pizza anymore and just make their own food at home! That shut them the eff up. Our country does not have slaves anymore nor want slave wages and as much as they tried and succeeded in oppressing blacks, immigrants, women and the poor ..... it is OVER !!!!!! Pay what people are owed for a good days work. I think $15 is too little, should be more like $18-$20 PER hr.... did they not get this message? WTH is wrong with these ugly, greedy people?

Katy Perry was singing HILLARY'S campaign song?

The performance was amazing. Then I thought it was tribute to Hillary and to women who should have had that moment 4 years ago .

Less than 24 hours, breaking out dancing play list

For the RECORD: trump at the end of his 'reign of terror'

For the RECORD, trump leaves office: I don't want to hear shait about how it is all Biden fault after he takes over control, like they did to President Obama. Not in any particular order ...

1. More Americans unemployed than when trump took office

2. Federal deficit has ballooned under republicans and trump

3. Our Capitol has just undergone a attempted coup by his supporters, who like trump, will not concede to a peaceful transfer of power ... D.C. is locked down like the Green Zone in Iraq

4. 4,000 Americas are dying everyday from COVID, the vaccine distribution is a total cluster fuck, still no cohesive message from leadership .... millions are sick causing misery and billions to our healthcare system, shortages and devastating results to our medical community 400,000 dead Americans

5. China won the Trade War that trump started costing Americans billions out of their pockets and billions to taxpayer dollars to pay farmers. "In the head-to-head match-up with the United States, Beijing clobbered us in raw numbers. As I and a jillion other economists have fruitlessly noted in recent years, trade surplus/deficit numbers are poor barometers of economic well being, but going by those numbers, so dear to Donald Trump, the outgoing prez and his gullible followers have reason to be chagrined. The U.S. trade deficit with China last year was $317 billion, a 7% increase over 2019 and the second highest on record."


I could go on ... anyone else want to add ... facts... REPEAT loudly so these fuckers like Lindsey Graham can't get out and lie like business as usual!!!! Push back must be swift and powerful against them all trying to spin any of this economic miracle BS that was trump.

Proposal. Ban all Elected officials from Social Media statements

They can hold press conferences, put out statements via communication office through the press, hold town halls, contact local news papers, they all have dot gov web pages for constituents to contact them to see what they stand for, vote for .... but the flow of instant unverified BS and misinformation and lies needs to stop. Congress needs to reign in their members use of social media just like you would your child .... WE must reign in the President as well. We need to stop the propaganda.

People believe their President, believe their elected officials .... what if this is the new way that Russia has infected our body politic so we have Americans wanting to kill one another? The daily onslaught of lies from social media companies , just making a buck!!!!!! Reports say that disinformation has dropped 70% or so since trump Twitter account was suspended. BOOM!!!!!!

Now the truth will get out. LEARNING MOMENT

OK ... so they are arresting the village idiots, WHAT ABOUT REPUB

ELECTED MEMBERS OF CONGRESS< SENATE who collaborated with trump and his whole cabal? mark medows? The RNC? House members? Senate 13? Justice says we need to smash this insurrection now before they have the nano-second to spin this as they already are trying to do in our halls of Congress. This situation of traitors in our government runs deep and we need a serious investigation and removal of all seditionists traitors. .... let me guess, they are all RW repubs with ties the white supremacists, gun rights, evangelical hate groups (oath keepers)

'Oh where oh where did the trump family flee? Oh where oh where can they be?"

Next song repubs want us to be singing! NOT! Collect passports. don jr., ivanka, eric ... "Tent Traitors"


Sink hole presidency ... that's the sum of it

dragged everything down with him ... effer couldn't burn it down!
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