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So if the Democrats lose the senate.

So if the Democrats lose the senate and also eventually the presidency, what resistance will be left exactly in the Democratic party? So many people that would stir the population to kick the Republicans out of office have been thrown under the bus that it is doubtful they would come to the party's aid. To make matters worse, the left would be blamed so hard and so viciously attacked that it may constitute a permanent break in the party.

What does everyone think? This constant blaming of the left and throwing under the bus of every left figure who criticizes Obama is bound to cause significant damage in such a scenario, right? Where would the party even be after that kind of rout?

(Please nobody spam this thread with "GOTV!" or "Thats why we need to VOTE!". It is already understood and is merely meaningless noise at this point.)
Posted by BlindTiresias | Fri Oct 10, 2014, 07:30 PM (89 replies)

Account from Ebola survivor Nancy Writebol


Q: Any idea how you became infected?

N.W.: I donít know how I became infected and how I contracted it. There are some thoughts about how I might have gotten it. Nobody is really sure, least of all me. I never felt like I was unsafe and I never felt like I walked into a situation where I was being exposed. I was on the low-risk side of things. I never was in the crisis or the Ebola center. I was always on the outside. I made sure doctors and nurses were dressed properly before they went in, and I decontaminated them before they went out. We kept a close check on each other about whether people felt safe.

We had an employee who was doing the same job that I was doing. He got sick and I didnít know he was sick. He didnít tell anybody. He actually thought he had typhoid. The day that I started having symptoms, at least a fever, was the last day I saw him. He did have Ebola. He did not survive.

I never remember touching him, although itís possible he could have picked up a sprayer to decontaminate someone, and I could have picked up the sprayer. Or we touched the same thing. I never touched him.

Q: You were educated about Ebola transmission?

N.W.: Oh my goodness, yes.

Q: Did you have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE)?

N.W.: Yes, we did. It was my responsibility to make sure they were dressed properly in PPEs before they ever went into the isolation. I didnít want any of our doctors or nurses getting infected. I mean, I saw people dying of Ebola. We had PPEs and followed every single protocol that [Doctors Without Borders (MSF)] had in their manualóand we had been trained by MSF.


She could be mistaken or downplaying her contact, but the fact she was not directly treating Ebola victims is somewhat disturbing to me.
Posted by BlindTiresias | Thu Oct 2, 2014, 10:02 PM (8 replies)
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