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Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate if FBI Director James Comey violated the Hatch Act.

We the people ask the federal government to Take or explain a position on an issue or policy:

Created by R.B. on October 30, 2016

614 signed, 100,000 goal

Closed Petition

This petition has been archived because it did not meet the signature requirements. It can no longer be signed.


Trump voters tell CNN that California 'allows' illegal voting

John Goodman was terrifyingly perfect in 10 Cloverfield Lane...

He deserves an Oscar nomination.

The actor played a very human monster in one of the years best supporting performances.

From Vox, by Todd VanDerWerff

If you haven't seen 10 Cloverfield Lane - I didn't because reviewers kept saying it was nothing like the original 'found-footage' Godzilla-like monster movie Cloverfield - I was shocked at how good a movie this is after showing up on premium cable, and how there are still wonderful surprises at the end!

John Goodman as 'Godzilla.'

*spoiled at* http://www.vox.com/culture/2016/12/1/13773792/john-goodman-oscar-10-cloverfield-lane

Why we need to plan for a future without jobs

Andy Stern spent his career organizing workers. Heres why he thinks work is doomed.

Andy Stern is the former president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Vox Conversations, with Sean Illing

A vision supported by universal basic income (UBI):

Women have always worked historically raising families, which everyone sees as a great value, but it was not paid work. UBI will solve this problem.

People have always taken care of their parents, which in some cases is a paid job and in other cases its not paid work. The same thing is true about tutoring your child, or volunteering at a hospital or as a Little League coach or with any other service organization.

We need to decide that creative activity, such as learning a language, painting, writing plays or books, is work. Or that trying to build a business or solve a problem or learn new skills is work, even if youre not being compensated.

Were also going to need to appreciate that there are many other things that people can do to self-actualize, which may be the most important adventure that people can travel to make life fulfilling, and it may not be what we now call work.

Why are people giving Jill Stein millions of dollars for an election recount?

Source: Washington Post, by David Weigel

On Wednesday afternoon, near the start of one of the year's final news droughts, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein announced a new campaign: to pay for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Maine. The news went first to the journalist Greg Palast, then on Stein's Facebook page, then in an interview with the Russian propaganda channel RT.


More Clinton fans see this as a waste of time at best. Someone was going to tap into mounting liberal anger that for the second time this century a Democrat has lost the presidency while winning the popular vote. But Democrats can't believe that the someone was Stein. In all three of the contested states, Stein campaigned for votes; in Michigan and Wisconsin, her total was greater than the gap between Clinton and Trump.

For Democrats, Stein's role in the campaign resurrects some of the worst aspects of the campaign. It directs liberal anger toward a hopeless goal. It feeds into a Russian story line promoted on RT that American democracy is awfully flimsy, considering that the country claims to lead the world. And it helps a third party that can split Democratic votes. On Thursday afternoon, a few Democrats suggested that people reaching for their credit cards in anger were ignoring an actual, achievable cause.

Louisiana's low-profile Senate runoff, in which Democrat-turned-Republican John Kennedy is heavily favored, takes place on Dec. 10. Foster Campbell, the populist Democrat who made the runoff, has raised just $1,461,752 or less than half as much as the recount campaign raised in a day.

Read it at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/11/24/why-are-people-giving-jill-stein-millions-of-dollars-for-an-election-recount/?hpid=hp_hp-cards_hp-card-politics%3Ahomepage%2Fcard

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Enjoying the parades?


This about sums it up, doesn't it?

Hillary has moved on.

So should we.

Get you a good book and enjoy the holidays.


It was never about bringing back coal mining jobs.

"Grinch Gone Wild!" - now Dec 1 overtime rule on hold?

US court blocks overtime expansion pay rule for 4 million

A federal court on Tuesday blocked implementation of a rule imposed by President Barack Obama's administration that would have made an estimated 4 million more higher-earning workers across the country eligible for overtime pay starting Dec. 1.

The Department of Labor had no immediate comment on the order on Tuesday.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez said after the original lawsuit was filed in September that he was confident in the legality of the rule, calling the lawsuit a partisan and obstructionist tactic. He noted that overtime protections have receded over the years. They applied to 62 percent of U.S. full-time salaried workers in 1975 and just 7 percent today.

"The overtime rule is designed to restore the intent of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the crown jewel of worker protections in the United States," Perez said in September. "I look forward to vigorously defending our efforts to give more hardworking people a meaningful chance to get by."


CNN finally explained!

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