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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 17,460

Journal Archives

It's been a bad week for

Homophobic racist hating bigots. Thank Goddess these people are finally being slapped back beneath the rocks they emerged from.
At last, some good things for good people.

Breaking News: Affordable Care Act, upheld by Supreme Court.

What kind of people claim they don't understand the symbolism

Of the confederate flag, that it stands for hate and racism. It's not a "red neck" symbol. It's a national embarrassment.

Regardless of what color your skin is, we are all human beings. The thing that makes us different is our humanity.
Reicht wing hate radio has a river of blood on it's hands for the provocation of hate on the ignorant. This must end...

How did we go from a debate to repeal NAFTA

To NAFTA on steroids? What the hell kind of jobs do they think will be left? We are still not at the employment level we were before Bushco left office. We cannot compete with third world country wages.
Not to mention the current trade deficit and currency manipulation.
All that being said it would be game over for the environment.

Senator Sanders on the issues.


Complete list of votes on civil right, war, etc..

Can anyone else ever remember another candidate clearly running for POTUS

Without declaring in order to coordinate with PACs to amass millions of dollars to run? Where is the FEC? Does anyone think a dem would get away with this?

When did standing for something

Become fighting against the establishment?
When did we start calling someone radical who has spend an entire career fighting for the things we all say we want, without selling out? If you want money out of politics, there is clearly only one individual running who supports that position.
We just refuse to take yes for an answer.

I am done giving money to the national Democratic Party.

I will give to individual candidates I want to support. I'm done with a party that conducts theater in Washington while lives crumble.

Happy Mothers Day.

To all the DU moms.

Can someone help me out.. Since when did carrying

a pocket knife that you NEVER removed from your pocket or threatened anyone with become worthy of a death sentence?
This makes my head want to explode.
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