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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 20,973

Journal Archives

At what point will the GOP understand 45 is inciting the murder and assault of the Fourth Estate.

Trump pays tribute to the fallen and Gold Star family's. Does he not remember what he did

To the Khans? He's such an embarrassment.

Kushner met with Russian banker

If the Russians wanted to influence Trump, Kushner would be one of the top people they would use – and it appears Kushner had no problem offering his assistance.



The Russian banker Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner met with in December is viewed by U.S. intelligence as a “Putin crony”

Sergey Gorkov, 48, graduated from the FSB Academy, which was chartered in 1994 to educate Russian Intelligence personnel. He has long served Russian President Vladimir Putin in critical economic roles. Most recently, Putin chose him to head of the state-owned VneshEconomBank (VEB). As the Russian state national development bank, VEB has played a critical role in blunting the impact of U.S. sanctions against Russia by finding other sources of foreign capital.

If you're one of the people posting here saying democrats are the problem.

They as in both parties do it. Just STOP already. Open your eyes, turn off the Russian propaganda machine also know as the main stream media and get some facts. Democracy is the inferno you see before us.
Republicans would be running around screaming with their hair on fire locking up everyone with a D behind their name. This is NOT normal, no other president has done this. You don't give your family a top security clearance and profit from being in the office.

45 still has no idea. He's putting the idiot who didn't know we were listening to him talk Russians

about back channels n charge of the "war" room at a time he's under scrutiny by the FBI. There was ZERO need to set up a back Chanel. The Syria excuse is worse than nonsense. Can we please please just do what these same people would be doing if we were talking about Chelsea's husband instead of Ivankas. The Hypocritical republican criminals need to be investigated and locked up if our democracy is going to survive. Things are getting more and more out of control.

The Billboard awards are no longer worth watching.

It's so far beyond what most would consider actually music. Wtf happened to music? It's beyond ridiculous.

The Russian press could have put listening devices in the oval while maggot was distracted.

Am I wearing my tin foil hat.

What can Republicans say about this after everything they said about Secretary Clinton.

They need to have the quote ready to throw back in their faces. Where is trey?

Maggot CANNOT be allowed to have any more classified info.

He thought he was being cool leaking it to Russia. Has NO clue what protocol is or that we've hadn't informed our friends.
This CANNOT be allowed to stand and I hope it was a Russian member of the press who leaked. That's what we get for allowing him to take Russians in the oval WITHOUT any Americans present. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!

I want the press to ask congressional republicans if a democrat was doing what trump

Had been doing Conspiring with Russians would be okay? Why did they spend so much time and money investigating Hillary Clinton. It was nothing but they wouldn't let it go.
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