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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 06:50 PM
Number of posts: 18,210

Journal Archives

Who watched dump talk out his arse, reversing 5 years of negative comments about

President Obama wasting trillions in Afghanistan? I can't bear to watch the media normalize this monster because he managed to read at 5th grade level.

If we can't support Kamala Harris or democrats like

Her then we deserve to lose. The purity tests are bullshit. And NO I'm not talking about supporting people who will take rights away from women or any other group. Bigotry should not be a Dem value.
Until citizens united is overturned, we must play the game. If we continue to lose, nothing ppeople in this country need will ever be accomplish. We will watch the great experiment in democracy completely slip away. We will stand on the sidelines while republicans destroy the ability to survive on the planet.
This is NOT 2016. Let's get over ourselves and work together, a traitor is occupying the White House and republican leadership is neck deep in Russian PAC money. We have no time to lose.

Does the 17 day vacation mean we won't be subject to the pathalogical

Liar conventions In red States? I need a break from witnessing the emotionally unhinged people who still support the traitor.

God speed Mr Mueller....
Posted by onecaliberal | Sat Aug 5, 2017, 09:57 AM (5 replies)

Trump phone transcripts. Incoherent rambling and nonsense. Encouraging Mexico to LIE to Americans.


Did Sarah Sanders just say dump created a million jobs so far?

Where did this number come from? I think she pulled it right out of her ass.

American ISIS had their fee fees hurt by the three republicans who refused to throw 30 million

people off their healthcare. Why is the media still playing it like a horse race? Republicans control both branches. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact they locked 13 men in a room to write it, held no hearings, failed to allow time for a CBO score and revealed the bill 2 hours before a vote.

Will white folks PLEASE STOP whitesplaining the experience of being black in America to black people

As a white woman I don't worry about my white son walking out the front door each day. Society affords us advantages in so many ways. I just saw a conversation on the view (in a waiting room didn't watch voluntarily) with the Fergeson police chief at the time Michael brown was killed and it made my head want to explode. White people need to stop telling black people what their god damn experience is in this country. Props to whoopi for not choking the asshole. Lord knows I wanted to.

Why is the public barred from the discussion Mr kushner had with staffers

In Russia probe? His statement packed with lies is already public. Mr kushner lied about at least 4 meetings with Russians. Why do these people get special treatment? Why?

Should Malaria be worried about the communications director. He REALLY loves dump.

Talk about s holster, good gravy. The replay of the White House press briefing almost made me vomit

Trump skipped over the next in line at Ethics office with someone sympathetic to his

Lapses in ethics. This is the guy who signed the latest "updates" to the financials and security clearance documents.

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