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Did Bloomberg really say this?

ETA: Yes, he really did. I found video of the Katie Couric interview here. The statement about homeless people flying first class into the city just so New York will take care of them starts around the 18:15 mark. The comments this guy has made about homeless people, not supporting minimum wage, and so many others has me scratching my head how people can actually support this DINO.


I was doing some research earlier on Bloombergís comments about not supporting minimum wage when I found this comment he made during an interview in regard to too many homeless people in New York.

ďYou can literally come, fly first class to Kennedy Airport and say to the taxi driver, ĎTake me the shelter system.Ē

The only source I found for this is observer.com. Iím not sure if theyíre trustworthy or not, so Iím asking for help. Obviously, if he did in fact say it, I think itís a problem. If not, please let me know and Iíll delete. Thanks!

Hereís the article where I found it.

Is it time to start polling our nominees against Pence?

I know our people beat Trump by various amounts. But what are the chances heíll still be president then? Maybe we should prepare to adjust fire toward Pence?

House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN)The House of Representatives is now investigating whether President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller in written answers he provided in the Russia investigation, the House's general counsel said in federal court Monday.

"Did the President lie? Was the President not truthful in his responses to the Mueller investigation?" House general counsel Douglas Letter told the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit about why the House now needs access to grand jury material Mueller collected in his investigation.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/18/politics/house-investigating-trump-lying-to-mueller/index.html

Isn't it kinda eerie how silent Trumps twitter has been today?

Or is it just me?

Rapist, child molester captured in NKY after he was accidentally released from Georgia prison

Source: WLWT (NBC Affiliate)

A convicted rapist and child molester mistakenly released from a Georgia prison was recaptured in Northern Kentucky on Wednesday.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, Tony Maycon Munoz-Mendez, 31, was captured in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, around 10:30 p.m.

Munoz-Mendez was accidentally released from Rogers State Prison in Reidsville, Georgia, on Monday.

Munoz-Mendez was serving a life sentence for convictions of rape and child molestation in Gwinnett County.

Read more: https://www.wlwt.com/article/rapist-child-molester-captured-in-nky-after-he-was-accidentally-released-from-georgia-prison/29646627

Short article. No more at link.

Victim's grieving brother shocked with Taser, arrested at College Hill homicide scene

Cincinnati police officials said a homicide victim's brother was shocked with a Taser and arrested for interfering with the crime scene in College Hill on Friday night.

Officers responded to the 6000 block of Hamilton Avenue for the shooting around 7 p.m. The victim, Giavanni Penman, 28, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police officials said Penman's brother, Carl Storms, 18, entered the crime scene and shrugged off officers trying to restrain him. Responding officers shocked Storms with a Taser and arrested him.

More at link:


What chance does Mayor Pete have of being picked up as VP?

I know itís still early and no, Iím not giving up on my guy. I am thinking strategically though. If he was to fail to get the nomination, do you think he would have a good chance of being picked as a running mate?

Crying baby irritates Bernie Sanders.


A few weeks ago, I mentioned how Bernie always seems angry and shouting during the debates. I donít think I like him at all now.
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