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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Current location: Sacramento, CA
Member since: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:00 AM
Number of posts: 1,730

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Retired from the State of California. Loving every bit of life!

Journal Archives

The first female President of the USA - Kamala Harris

I think she would be great for this nation. And I hope for 2020 or 2024. She just got elected to the US Senate taking Boxer's seat, and she did great as Attorney General for California.

I've voted for her since I heard of her in 2010 and she is one of my very favorite politicians.

Polls in the last week of any election

I went to Real Clear Politics and saw that the race was tightening and getting real close. But I also noticed that all of the polls that previously had Hillary winning by double digits were not listed. Yet all of those that favored Trump were listed.

So I don't believe that the race has tightened as much as they say.

Four years ago, the same thing happened. My Republican co-worker had come in smiling because the polls had tightened in the last week, and it was for the same reason. Many R's, including Mittens, thought that the R's were going to win, and some thought by a landslide. The good polls that are more accurate usually don't appear in the last week so it appears that things are tightening.

So I don't believe it is as close as they say. But I DO hope that it makes everyone get out and vote.

Trumpsters and Jobs

I keep reading about how the Trumpsters talk about jobs and lack thereof. Well, there are plenty of jobs out there, but many need the some kind of training or skill, which few of them have.

They don't seem to accept that the world is changing. Many jobs require basic computer skills, and/or the ability to run machines. You can find many jobs if you have these skills, and they don't seem to want to relearn them.

many Trumpsters are older people who had jobs in the old industries and those positions have left them as companies gear up to modern equipment. They don't want to relearn. They just think that the world owes them a job.

Early last century, as the automobile started to gain a foothold, many of the horse and carriage jobs disappeared and as much as those people wanted their jobs to come back, modern technology (new automotive and airplane) was moving in a different directions. Those horse and buggy jobs were going to be few and far between.

If they really are serious about working in the modern world, they are going to have to go with the flow and learn some of the new technologies. It really isn't that hard, and there are lots of different categories that they can learn and work in.

Even my job today is changing quickly. I am 61 and have to learn to adapt. Before two years ago, us programmers would write programs that would work on desktops and basic laptops. But now, we are having to learn how to program for Mobile devices and much more web design instead of basic desktop applications. We have to adjust and I think they have to too, if they want to continue to be a part of the modern world.

Is it true that the new name of this site will be "Flame Wars"?

I mean, come on. Someone starts a thread, another intercepts it, and then the next 50 posts are back and forth between the two, (or three or four.)

I know that people's political views can be very personal, but this is getting ugly. I saw the same thing at Repug sites but they all seem to be getting in line now. Well, except for some sites such as Red State, where they just cant handle a Trump candidate.

Just let the candidates battle until the convention, at least that is how it has been done in past years. But please, lets stop the ugliness.

Edit: Should this have gone into the Primaries thread instead of this one?

So now we find out that in Nevada there was only one violent act

and it was a Hillary Supporter. And then the media lies that followed.

At least we can see that the truth is starting to come out.

I really think that the Hillary campaign has blown this big time. If Sanders isn't the candidate, then Trump is our next President. And the polls show just that.

Question like which came first, chicken or egg

So I have to ask,

Does driving a Toyota make one a bad driver?
Or do Bad Drivers just choose Toyota's?

This Election just opened up for Democratic Socialism

So if Sanders can get out the vote (and he will) then a Sanders win could not only win the Presidency, but can now have the Senate as well as the Supreme Court on his side. The Dems could still take the house, but I don't this it will in this election.

Sanders would no longer have a clogged Government to stop his agenda. If the House was still in Republican hands, then they would still put up a fight, but they would be outnumbered.

This primary just got REAL interesting, for both sides.
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