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Profile Information

Name: Cade
Gender: Male
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Home country: USA
Current location: Dominican Republic
Member since: Sun Jun 15, 2014, 04:01 PM
Number of posts: 30

About Me

Retired Chemical and Environmental Engineer living off-grid on an old coffee farm in the Dominican Republic. Life is good. Also known as: google.com/+CadeJohnson

Journal Archives

out of the box, so to speak

not to be flippant, but one option would be to emigrate. Many other countries have either a lower cost of living or a more generous social welfare system. It might be difficult to get across the moat (i.e. ocean) but with a bit of research and planning, I think it could work out.

subdivide, no wait

When I first heard of ISIS or ISIL, take your pick I guess, I though much as I had about Crimea - if they want to join another country (or in this case, start a new one), then fine, we should not arbitrate that if the Iraqis cannot prevent it themselves. And I believe this is the basic course that President Obama would adopt, and maybe it will come to pass. But then again, when a group starts shooting their captives in the back of the head after lining them up in a ditch . . . well some things should not be allowed to pass. I do not know how to impose a more genteel manner upon the gentlemen of ISIS, but I think they need a good talking-to at the least.
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