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Lulu KC

Lulu KC's Journal
Lulu KC's Journal
July 21, 2024

Question, contributing to Kamala

So I started searching for the new page to donate some money, and found this: https://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/forms/C00703975/1805326/

There are three names for her funds: Harris Victory, Harris Action, and Harris Baldwin Victory.

Who or what is Baldwin?

July 16, 2024

I am becoming Andy Rooney more and more each day

May he R.I.P. He would be so miserable right now.

I had to change my phone number because I was (it appeared to Verizon) hacked. It has been a series of ordeals.

The most recent hurdle was my Medicare Rx. I called to have my phone number changed so that I would be able to sign in with a verification text. That time, the office was closed, so an automated voice took care of it for me. He said his name was Avery, which amused me, because I know he doesn't even have a mother or father to name him but okay, I rode it out. It seemed impersonal, but painless.

Second time? When the first time didn't work? Office was open. Avery answered the phone. Avery is too casual for me. If you're a robot, sound like a robot. Don't say things like, "No problem," or, "Got it." Then while I'm waiting for a human, after what felt like an eternity of talking to Avery, he suggested I sign up for his app. NO I DON'T WANT YOUR APP. I know how to use your website, I don't want the clutter of apps on my phone, and P.S. AVERY, EVEN IF I HAD THE APP IT WOULDN'T HELP ME AND THAT IS WHY I AM CALLING YOU. I never call anyone anymore if I can get it done online because if I call, I have to talk to "people" like you, AVERY! Avery put me through to a human who said she changed my phone number.

BUT SHE DIDN'T! She lied! So I had to call again today and guess who answered the phone!? AVERY! Who, again, tried to get me to get his app so he wouldn't have to talk to me. Hey, I don't like this any more than you do Avery! Just let me talk to a person!

Then I got through to "Mark," whom I can barely hear because he is sitting in a room full of other people. He has to transfer me to tech support. Really? Just to change a phone number? Okay. Fine. "Joy" fixed the problem. She asked how I liked their automated system. I lost it about Avery. She didn't know there was an Avery. She thought at first that I was complaining about poor Mark. She seemed to appreciate my frustration, but I know they're trained on sounding empathetic. (For all I know, Joy was a robot, too. Hey, I've watched The Good Place! I WISH Janet would have answered the phone!)

We ended up laughing pretty hard about Avery. She said that she would pass on to management that Avery should be fired, STAT.

This is who I've become. Andy, I'm going to see if I can find some old diatribes on YouTube. Je suis Andy Rooney.

June 28, 2024

I FINALLY put something on Ebay

And it sold!
With the fees, postage, etc. I earned $16 on a pair of shoes that cost a lot more than that (even from Nordstrom Rack) but had just been gathering dust in the closet.
It's easier than I thought it would be.

June 23, 2024

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

I really loved reading Jorge Amado's books when I was in my 20s and recommend them without reservation. This 1976 movie is based on one of my favorites. Starring Sonia Braga, it is a fun story, not without the full range of human emotion. There are comical moments; it's very sensual (all the senses), and gives insight into Brazilian culture. The story takes place in the 1940s in Salvador do Bahia, on the northeastern coast. This is not the touristic version of Brazil.

It's always a little odd watching a movie that I loved in a different part of my life. I see it so differently now, but am glad we watched it. The music is still stuck in my head six days later. It's ultimately a movie about joie de vivre, and I always like more of that in our lives.

We watched it on the Film Movement channel through Amazon Prime (free membership for one week), and it's also on Kanopy and Hoopla.

June 23, 2024

Adieu, Godard

An odd combination of things: A small village in India, us watching men while they watch porn videos, a studious daughter, and then? Godard! Nothing is the same after that, including the nature of how the film itself is made.

We enjoyed it and it made for good discussion the following day. Much more complex than the reviews describe it.

It is on Hoopla and Kanopy, but we watched on Amazon via the Film Movement channel (free trial for 7 days).

February 12, 2024

a fun one--"The Art of Crime"

French TV series, art history + mystery + classic slowly developing romance = fun

I'm watching on Hoopla.

January 4, 2024

Safari/MacBook peculiarity

I have closed all tabs on Safari on my Iphone. When I open my MacBook, there are several that show they are still open there. Even though I closed them months ago! It's only a few, and the time/content/etc. seem totally random. A word I looked up in September, info on a dog facility from November, and now a court record I looked at in December. Maybe five or six of these, total.

I went to the Apple support site and learned I was not alone. I followed all directions there about turning iCloud off/on, turning machines off/on, etc. It seemed to work. Two days later? There they are again! So weird!
I again cleared all Safari history on my phone.
Three days later, they're back.

I just finally removed Safari from my phone's home screen, downloaded Opera, and I'm using GoDuckGo for searches. This will just give me a break while I work up the energy to call Apple and get some help with this.

In the meantime, if it's happened to you, how did you fix it? Such a minor irritation, but with enough repetition it's become bigger than it deserves to be.

Happy New Year to all.

October 3, 2023

"The library could not be opened"

I am recovering from back surgery and I'm not the brightest bulb right now. I've looked this up in Apple support and it felt like something I might do right after I run a marathon AND climb Mt. Everest.

All of a sudden, but maybe coinciding with downloading Sonoma 14.0, when I try to open my photos on my MacBook Air it says "The library could not be opened."

Is there anyone out there whose been through this and can give me third-grade level instructions on what to do?

Thanks in advance.

August 15, 2023

Trump indicted in Georgia election subversion probe

Source: CNN

Here are the names and titles of all 19 people charged in Georgia case
From CNN's Devan Cole, Sara Murray, Jason Morris, Marshall Cohen

There are 19 people charged in the Georgia case, according to the indictment.

Donald Trump, former US president

Rudy Giuliani, Trump lawyer

Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff

John Eastman, Trump lawyer

Kenneth Chesebro, pro-Trump lawyer

Jeffrey Clark, top Justice Department official

Jenna Ellis, Trump campaign lawyer

Robert Cheeley, lawyer who promoted fraud claims

Mike Roman, Trump campaign official

David Shafer, Georgia GOP chair and fake elector

Shawn Still, fake GOP elector

Stephen Lee, pastor tied to intimidation of election workers

Harrison Floyd, leader of Black Voices for Trump

Trevian Kutti, publicist tied to intimidation of election workers

Sidney Powell, Trump campaign lawyer

Cathy Latham, fake GOP elector tied to Coffee County breach

Scott Hall, tied to Coffee County election system breach

Misty Hampton, Coffee County elections supervisor

Ray Smith

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/trump-fulton-county-georgia-08-14-23/index.html

And Rudy, too!

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