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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:47 PM
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Jury blacklist

how do you get on it and off it?

Could anyone here keep us updated

on the responses, influences and actions of the TPP in Asia?

Candidate comparison

Hillary is continual Evolution

Bernie is for people Revolution

Voting, a suggestion to Bernie

The problem is SECRECY, secret TPP, secret NSA spying, the secret ballot etc. I'm not afraid of anyone knowing how I voted, I'll scream it to the world.

They control us thru the secret ballot and secret software on the voting machines. When we finally decide that our votes can be shared with all Americans, then we take back the power.

We can set-up public, computerized, registered voting lists by Precinct, county and/or state and when we finish voting we log on and enter our choices beside our names. We can check daily to see if anyone flipped our vote. We also then control the software and our tallies must match the privatized machines or we take to the streets.

Request a copy of your ballot or take out your phone camera and make your own copy of the paper or computer screen. We can document our vote, we don't need anyone's permission.

This is simple stuff and will be more accurate than even exit polling where people drop their secrecy and report how they voted. This is our back-up system and we don't need legal verdicts for the American people to insure and protect their votes.

"We The People" can make it a right without even a constitutional amendment.

Any Bernie Sanders

organized groups in NM?
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