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Member since: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 10:40 AM
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Since you asked

"I am also beginning to see some evidence that web sites such as Democratic Underground may actually be making real political change more difficult"

The reasoning behind this statement is based on real evidence that I have gathered as I attend the local political meetings and get into detailed as well as casual conversations with others.

Far too often I have the feeling that those who should be most active in actually formulating something and promoting something that would give a person an incentive to get up and vote, feel that their postings and rantings on web sites qualifies as sufficient and are far more effective than reality would dictate.

I also attend Republican party meetings at times

Although the majority of what is discussed and proposed is borderline insanity,at least those who vote for their candidates can look back and say "at least he supports our position once in office"

The extremely tepid and meek proposals from most Democratic candidates as well as those who vote for them leaves quite a bit to be desired.

A single Elisabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown (note I don't include Bernie Sanders as he is an Independent out of necessity. No backwoods redneck from the 'northern kingdom' of Vermont would vote for him with a D after his name) does not a great party make.

Few people would be drinking Pepsi if ads for Coke were claiming that both products are equivalent except for the bottle they come in.
Posted by DemandsRedPill | Sun Nov 30, 2014, 04:21 PM (0 replies)

There may also be a valid yet less obvious reason for his untimely death

The odds of Wilson being a racist are good

The odds of Brown being targeted in more ways than one simply because he is black?

Equally good

But why is there not more discussion of the more obvious yet less challenged fact that Ferguson has a police force that is dominated by white men yet the predominance of those under their dictates are black

Could Michael Brown now be healthy and productive had he or some of his friends opted to challenge the status quo and demand that their elected 'overseers' more reflect the nature of the majority demographics?

Perhaps be the change he wanted to see?

It's too late now.

Just asking
Posted by DemandsRedPill | Sun Nov 30, 2014, 03:29 PM (3 replies)

Sorry. Money is only a part of winning politics and in many ways plays a much smaller roll.

So this is my first post to Democratic Underground

I've been visiting for several months now and am slowly weaning myself from several other sites having a similar focus but that for me have less overall appeal

So why do I feel that the statement "Money Wins Politics" is in my opinion overblown.

I suppose I would start with the well used phrase "all politics is local"

Is it?

I decided to explore this in my own neighborhood

Always having very strong opinions on many issues and having voted for many years I had not till a few months ago bothered to attend any meetings of the local parties or join any rallies.

I showed up at a few just recently

That is when for me I began to really question the 'all politics is local meme' and also finally began to realize why both parties are for all practical purposes nearly dysfunctional on a local or even regional level. Why they both serve more as a mechanism to maintain an illusion of a working Democracy, then used primarily by those most firmly opposed to real democracy as an effective means to weaken it and eventually destroy it all together.

I am also beginning to see some evidence that web sites such as Democratic Underground may actually be making real political change more difficult, at least as currently structured.

I see real value in such web sites but only if as an adjunct to real face to face political efforts

I have been deeply involved in design and engineering of all sorts of renewable and sustainable energy and sustainable agriculture for many years.

I see many of the same self inflicted impediments to real change and advancement in this movement as I currently see in any real efforts in slowing down yet alone rolling back the Juggernaut (yes supported by massive infusions of money) that is for all intents and purposes just another religion complete with all necessary accoutrements and constructs known as Conservatism.

There is now a far more effective mechanism for real change just waiting in the wings.

It's a method as old as our Republic but so far has been subdued and relegated to a dust filled closet.

No don't bother

It cannot be found on Facebook or in a Twitter posting and Google will only direct your search to areas that its algorithms have now memorized where you prefer to go.
Posted by DemandsRedPill | Sun Nov 30, 2014, 02:58 PM (1 replies)
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