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Gender: Male
Member since: Thu Dec 25, 2014, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 721

About Me

Supporter of social and economic justice for all people.

Journal Archives

Best hot dog you have ever tried

Store bought and made: Hebrew National with white diced onion, Homemade chili and organic cheddar cheese. Bus was toasted and lightly buttered store bought hot dog buns

Chain/shop/hole in the wall Hot Dog: Ive had one in LA and Phili but cant remember the shop names, just remember the lines at the time(I was a teenager at the time).

Ive moved to the Northeast recently(PA specifically) and got a dog at whats is called "the O" in Pittsburgh. Pretty good hot dog with a natural casing like I had back home. They have huge piles of fries with cheese and or gravy too.

Anybody else?

Hillary vs. (republican candidate)

Disaster Capitalism... check
more wars/continuation of wars..check
privatization of education...check
spying on Americans...check
largest prison population in the world...check
50 plus million Americans on food stamps and in poverty...check
the 1% owning and controlling the electronic voting machines..check

We are in trouble

Anybody a classical music fan here

favorite pieces/composers/instruments/ensembles

Goldberg variations video is one of my favorites. You may recognize this from the movie Silence of the Lambs for those movie buffs


I wish we could all cooperate as a species instead of fighting

2004 earthquake where more than 200,000 were wiped out instantly


Just a reminder of how fragile life really is on this tiny planet

Shootings, serial killers, homicides, diseases,

All pale in comparison to what can happen in five minutes on this speck of rock and mist.

Pale blue dot indeed.

How big is the Democratic Party tent, anyway?






Does big tent mean allowing Republicans in?

whats the fastest speed youve even been in on the road

Automobile or motorcycle. Any good stories and make and kind of vehicle are appreciated.

Oh and good to meet ya, my name is Ramses, om a new guy here
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