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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Lunas, New Mexico
Home country: usa
Current location: couch
Member since: Thu Jan 8, 2015, 10:31 AM
Number of posts: 559

About Me

B.S.Econ 1963, USAF 64-70. Carpenter, builder, welder, maker of things. Agnostic and liberal.

Journal Archives

Wash. Post: Clinton attacks produce windfall of campaign cash for Sanders


"Sanders’s underdog campaign said it is seeing a surge of contributions as a direct result of the new attention it is getting from the Democratic front-runner, with money coming in at a clip nearly four times the average daily rate reported in the last quarter of 2015."
“Thanks, Team Clinton,” Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said Wednesday afternoon."

Mind your manners, fellow Bernie fans!

Medical strains

I want to share some far-from-exhaustive research I did on med strains.
I've made edibles for years, but a friend asked me to make a topical ointment for her arthritis.
Most strains that are labeled "medical" have less than one percent CBD while THC levels might be 15 or 20 percent (or more). I've grown Critical Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Northern Lights/Big Bud, and others, that fall into this category. But I've read that, for optimal medical efficacy, THC and CBD levels should be balanced.The strains in the list below have THC/CBD levels at around 6 to 8 percent. That THC is too low for dedicated consumers like me, but should be great for a topical application.
I did my research by looking through the catalogs of two online seed vendors that I have found to be reliable and professional. My criteria were:1) Indica dominant (personal preference), 2) Short flowering time, and 3)Balanced THC/CBD levels. Strain name followed by breeder name:
1. Critical Mass CBD by Dinafem Seeds
2. MKUltra Kush x Bubble by THSeeds
3. Critical Cure by Barney's Farm
4. Psychotropic Mass by Critical Mass Collective
5. CBD Blue Shark by Barney's Farm
6. Durga Mata II CBD by Paradise Seeds
7. Shark Shock CBD by Dinafem Seeds

I have no connection, other than customer, with any seed breeder or seller. I 'd appreciate any comments on these, or any other med strains. There's a lot more I don't know than what I do know! Peace.
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