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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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Sarah Palin was correct about the "death panels".

When the ACA, (or Romneycare, as it was previously known), was undergoing a year long debate, with hundreds of Congressional hearings, Sarah Palin and others talked about death panels. Those claims were dismissed by rational voters as hyperbolic and unfounded.

But with rumors that social spending programs will soon be considered for cuts, it is obvious that death panels do exist, and that the members of the death panels are considering how many people to hurt.

These death panels are made up of the GOP members of Congress, and the GOP members of the think tanks that provide intellectual rationale and cover for the GOP politicians.

After creating a 1.5 trillion increase in the Federal deficit, the GOP leadership will in all probability soon propose cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. These cuts will be framed as saving these programs, but the real purpose, as we all know, is to kill these programs and eliminate things that the 1% have always hated. And that is any social spending that does not directly and solely benefit them.

If all spending Bills must originate in the House,

and no Democrat voted for a temporary spending Bill, could the GOP spin that as Democratic obstruction?

The Democrats must remind the public that the GOP can pass a Bill, or a continuing resolution, with only GOP votes, so if a Bill does not pass, it is the fault of the GOP.

Of course Trump is innocent. But answer one question for me:

I will stipulate that there is massive evidence of the Trump campaign and Trump family members having long term relationships with Russian FSB agents and assorted politicians and oligarchs. And that there is evidence of money laundering and bribery under the guise of real estate purchases of Trump properties.

I will also say that any examination of Trump's business career shows a man who lies as much and as often as he breathes. His numerous strategic bankruptcies and thousands of suits against him for non-payment of bills due show that he has no ethics whatsoever.

To believe Trump, and his apologists, all of these Russian connections are all coincidental, and all of the appearances of collusion and conspiracy are also coincidences.

But one question must be asked of Trump voters, and Trump apologists:

If Trump is innocent, and if the Mueller investigation is a total fraud, why did George Papadopolous and Michael Flynn plead guilty to felonies?

Good news: New Bible app creates online community for progressive Christians

From the article:

Crystal Cheatham calls it the “same old story.”
The Philadelphian grew up in a conservative Seventh-day Adventist home and learned, when she came out as a lesbian, that “there wasn’t room for me in that space.”
She also learned, as she met people from other denominations who also felt marginalized by churches, of a widespread disconnect — “a large chasm between conservative Christianity … and the Christianity I was experiencing.”
That’s where the idea for the Our Bible app came from.

To read of one more resource:


Why post in the religion group?

I post first because I like to write. As a person of faith, my faith is one thing that I occasionally write about.

I post also to share good news about religion and religious people. I feel that it is important to show balance, and it is my hope that my mix of posts, including positive and negative, and occasionally humorous information, presents such a balanced view.

This is DU, a site for Democratic voices, and as the Alabama special eelction showed, black Democratic churchgoers made a huge impact in rejecting the GOP pedophile.

Conservative Christians receive a massive amount of attention, here and in the corporate media at large, and it is important to show that Christians are not a monolith. It is important to show how Christians are represented in the progressive movement. That also is part of the reason that I post. It is our job to show the progressive side of Christianity, to show the Jesus who advocated for the poor and voiceless.

And you, why do you post here?

Making Black lives matter at school

From the article:

Teachers are organizing a national week of action February 5-10 around the theme of "Black Lives Matter at School" around the country, including in Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Detroit and more. Thousands of educators will wear Black Lives Matter shirts to school and teach lessons about institutional racism, Black identity and Black history

To read more:

When we realize that black contributions and black history have been essentially written out of most US history, it is important to have more such events as this.

Does the GOP of 2018 actually believe in democracy?

I ask in all seriousness.

My argument:

The GOP conspired to steal the 2000 election and succeeded.

In 2008, McConnell and others conspired to make President Obama a one term President. They obstructed, and delayed, and verbally assaulted Obama for 8 years.

Since 2010, the GOP has pursued a policy of gerrymandering and voter suppression that is designed to deny the vote to non-whites and urban voters.

In 2016, members of the GOP appear to have colluded and conspired with the Russians to install a controllable idiot in the person of Donald Trump. And since 2017, the GOP has conspired to hide evidence of Trump's collusion. The GOP has basically declared war on the Justice department and the rule of law.

It is my contention that the GOP desires one party rule.

Please convince me that I am incorrect.

Religion is The Solution Not The Problem- A rebuttal to Hemant Mehta

From the article:

I don’t write rebuttals to my blogger colleagues on Patheos, but this post from Hemant Mehta was impossible to resist. Hemant Mehta, the ‘Friendly Atheist’ blogger on the Nonreligious channel at Patheos published a post today titled, “What’s the Main Source of Global Conflict? Survey Says: “Religious Beliefs”.

To read more:


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