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Thank you, Donald J. Trump.

Since 1968, the GOP has used racism to rally their voters. The racism was generally coded. The GOP employed "dog whistle" language which, on the surface, could pass as actual dialogue. And any accusations that the language was racist could be plausibly denied.

Even Ronald Reagan was more subtle than Donald Trump. Yes, Reagan "just happened" to start his campaign at a Fairground in Philadelphia Mississippi that "just happened" to be the site of numerous KKK rallies. But racist Reagan covered his racism with a thin layer of politeness.

But it took Donald Trump to rip off that layer of surface politeness, that layer of surface humanity. to expose the GOP as the official Party of white supremacy. Trump is an open racist. No dog whistle language for him, no nonsense about states rights in an attempt to show that the GOP is allied with unreconstructed southern bigots and CSA fantasists dreaming of their slave republic.

No, Trump simply says he is a racist, and a white supremacist, and FOX enables it.

As to the rest of the GOP politicians, and Trump's Cabinet, the so-called adults in the room, their silence is deafening.

So thank you, Donald J. Trump, for admitting what we all already knew.

Every Democratic candidate should realize one thing above all else.

The leaders, and to a large extent many of the voters in the GOP are not interested in compromise in any fashion.

If the 8 years of the Obama Presidency did not make that abundantly clear, I cannot imagine what would. 400 plus filibusters, outright racist comments about President Obama not being a "real" American, the Merrick Garland affair, the constant refusal to confirm Judges, all of these things showed that the GOP refused to compromise, or even follow the Constitution.

So if any candidate talks about working with the other side, that candidate should understand that this bi-partisan cooperation is a thing of the past.

The GOP accepts no compromises. The GOP successfully frames the terms of the debate, and what is considered possible. It is aided in this by a complicit, corporate dominated mass media.

My opinion.

We were one of the groups that had a vigil last night.

We had a vigil in a suburb south of Chicago.

To be frank, I expected no more than 10-15 people, but when I arrived at the location at 7.45, there were already 30 people there.

By 8.15, we had over 60 people there.

The reaction of the bystanders was almost universally supportive, except for one person, white and male, who screamed at us as he drove passed.

We stayed for over an hour, and 10 people asked to join our social justice group.

After the vigil, we had a meditation circle and talked about the situation.

To all who participated, at our location and all over the country, physically, and in spirit only, thank you. Times like this remind me, and should remind all of us, that Trump, as repellant as he is, will pass.


Nuns & Nones helps millennials find surprise soulmates in Catholic sisters

From the article:

The Dominican sisters sat in silence, eyes closed, palms upturned, couches and chairs pushed together into a circle in the room at the Dominican Center at Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan....

The Sunday night (July 7) meeting, known as Sisters & Seekers, is one of about a dozen gatherings across the country affiliated with Nuns & Nones, a growing alliance connecting Catholic women religious, most of whom are over 60, with 20- and 30-something millennials, many of whom identify as religious “nones.”....

“We millennials have so much hunger for spaces of community, belonging, meaning, depth, and we aren’t finding that in our social media. We aren’t finding that often as we move city to city. And so to be able to find that with these Catholic sisters who hold wisdom of their traditions from centuries is a gift for us to be able to translate that into our own life.”...

There’s no proselytizing at the meetings. And the sisters aren’t looking for their millennial friends to join their order or to seek out a religious vocation. Instead, they want to build bridges between beliefs and generations, something Gordon calls “a welcome antidote for our time.”

To read more:


I belong to a number of groups. Some are groups of religious progressives, and some have no religious theme. But all of the groups are united in that we are al progressive.

And people do need that personal direct connection.

Kamala Harris Calls Trump A Small Man Hiding Behind Big Tweets

From the article:

Surging 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris tore into Donald Trump on Thursday, calling him a small man who hides behind big tweets and cruel policy and rhetoric.
In an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the California senator said Trump is following the playbook of a “predator” when it comes to his treatment of immigrant families.

To read more:


A small man indeed, and one who constantly displays his massive insecurity and anger.

The power of language.

Think of the following terms:

Moral majority.

Silent majority.

Values voters.

And now, think of how the right wing uses these terms to promote a far right agenda and control the limits of what is possible.

The term moral majority is quite simple, but effective. It suggests that the right wing is moral, and that it is the majority of the country. Polling generally supports the idea that progressive ideas are more popular among the actual population, but this GOP framing tries to negate that.

The term silent majority reinforces the term moral majority. It implies that, even if polling shows otherwise, this silent majority still represents the real America.

The last term, values voters, is simple but brilliant. Thanks to constant repetition, we all know that the term values voters refers to the GOP voters. The corollary, of course, is that Democratic voters are not values voters. Thus the right can claim the moral high ground.

But consider also that these self-described values voters, this moral but silent majority, supports a man who has never demonstrated any morality or values in his dealings with anyone.

We Welcome Their Hatred': Sanders Unveils Anti-Endorsement List...

We Welcome Their Hatred': Sanders Unveils Anti-Endorsement List of Billionaire CEOs and Wall Street Bankers.

From the article:

Asking the American public to judge his 2020 Democratic presidential campaign by both its supporters and its powerful enemies, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Wednesday unveiled an "anti-endorsement" list consisting of prominent billionaires, Wall Street bankers, and corporate CEOs who have attacked his candidacy and policies....

To read more:


Trump's Florida Resort Is Hosting A Golf Tournament With Stripper Caddies

From the article:

According to The Washington Post, “President Trump’s golf resort in Doral, Fla., is scheduled to host a golf tournament Saturday put on by a Miami-area strip club, which will allow golfers to pay for a dancer to serve as their ‘caddy girl’ while they play at the president’s club.”

The strip club’s marketing director said he didn’t choose Trump’s golf course to send a political statement. Instead, it was chosen because it was a perfect “environment” to hold such an event.

To read more:


This almost reads like an Onion article, but with Trump, there really is no Barr to how low he will sink.

Unmatched wickedness': Reports allege child separation, organ harvesting against China's Muslims

From the article:

Two new reports conclude that China is engaging in organ harvesting and a child separation campaign against the country’s Uighur Muslim minority.
China’s ambassador to the U.K., Liu Xiaoming, has denied a BBC investigation’s findings, which concluded that Muslim children in the Uighur-majority region of western Xinjiang are being systematically separated from their parents.
The extensive investigation, commissioned by the BBC and led by leading German researcher Adrian Zenz, has found that more than 400 Uighur children in a single township have lost both their parents to prison or China’s vast network of internment camps.

Chinese authorities have describe the camps as vocational education training centers aimed at curbing terrorism. But U.S. officials say that between 1 million and 3 million Uighurs have been arbitrarily imprisoned in “concentration camps” where detainees are indoctrinated and even tortured.

To read more:


Treating them as organ farms. But the Chinese leaders justify their repression under the always popular title of being anti-terror. We certainly cannot blame religious leaders for this.

Religion in school can be complicated. So teachers went to class.

From the article:

In Montgomery County, these teachers say, the religious diversity of their students often astounds them. Students ask for days off for Diwali and share stories with classmates about celebrating Eid. To educators who aren’t familiar with religion, the multitude of traditions can be overwhelming.

That’s where this summer course comes in. For six days, Montgomery teachers of all grade levels tour some of the Washington area’s religious institutions, from a Muslim mosque to a Sikh gurdwara to a Jewish synagogue. They meet with experts who teach them about the difference between Catholic and Protestant, Sunni and Shiite, atheist and agnostic.

To read more:


This sounds like a very sensible approach.
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