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Imagine a country where churches and schools do not have armed guards.

Yes, try to imagine a country where churches and schools do not have armed guards.

Where schools do not need to be hardened against armed intruders.

Where shoppers do not shop while carrying weapons.

Where people can go to the theatre unarmed.

Where life counts for more than the imagined safety of a fearful few who insist on their right to always carry a weapon designed to kill.

Or, if one cannot imagine such a thing, vacation in Canada and no imagination will be needed.

Trump Is Pocketing Taxpayer Dollars Every Time He Golfs At One Of His Properties

From the article:

Donald Trump and his supporters like to brag about the fact that he donates his presidential salary, claiming it saves the government money and proves what a great guy he is.

But as PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted last week, Trump’s golf trips during his presidency have (so far) cost American taxpayers nearly 300 years of presidential salary.
So not only is the president a drain on taxpayers, but as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes pointed out on Monday, Trump is also pocketing at least a portion of the money it costs the country to fund his endless golf outings.
“Some portion of that money is going back into Donald Trump’s pocket because it’s always at his properties and we do not know the simple matter of how much,” the MSNBC host said.

To read more:


My view about Trump is simple. If his mouth is open, he is either eating, or lying.

Homeless Population Is Up Each Year Since Trump Took Office After Plunging Under Obama-Biden

From the article:

In recent days, Donald Trump has been using the homeless population – particularly in the blue states of New York and California – as a political weapon against Democrats.
But a closer look at the facts surrounding homelessness in America indicates that it might not be a fight he wants to pick with the Democrats, especially if former Vice President Joe Biden is the nominee.But a closer look at the facts surrounding homelessness in America indicates that it might not be a fight he wants to pick with the Democrats, especially if former Vice President Joe Biden is the nominee...….

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the homeless population has risen each year Trump has been in office – after plunging during the Obama-Biden administration.
Just last week, HUD reported a 2.7 percent increase in the nation’s homeless population – the third consecutive year that number has spiked.

To read more:


10 Good Things About 2019

From the article:

#1) In January, the most diverse class of lawmakers in U.S. history was sworn into Congress, including a record number of women in the House: 102. Four of the freshman known affectionately as “the squad”—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley—have shown what a few brave women can do to shake up the DC establishment. They denounced the inhumane treatment of migrants on our southern border; pushed for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All; confronted big pharma; started paying congressional interns; refused to take the “mandatory” AIPAC trip to Israel. They changed the Congressional ecosystem and thanks to them, a lot more young progressives are now running for Congress.

Also from the article:

In the coming year, those of us in the US will face one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. Four more years of Donald Trump will be devastating for our nation and our world. No matter what happens with the impeachment process in the Senate, we must mobilize to defeat Trump and build a more effective progressive movement. Remembering some of the gains in the difficult year of 2019 can help inspire us for the critical struggles ahead.

To read the other nine:


Yes, I would vote for a Republican for President.

Assuming, of course, that I time travelled back to the United States of 1860.

"Vote for us , we're incrementally better than our competition ..... ". REALLY?

I read this reply in a post this morning, and in my view, this is unsupportable.

There is simply no comparison between the GOP and the Democrats.

Consider the following, partial list.

The ACA was passed by Democrats and opposed by the GOP.

Marriage equality was passed by Democrats and generally opposed by the GOP.

The National labor Relations Act was passed by Democrats and mainly opposed by the GOP.

Social Security was passed by a Democratic Administration and is still generally opposed by the GOP.

I could continue, but my point is that even though none of these achievements were perfect, or even close, they were proposed and passed because Democrats pushed for them. And the GOP in general opposes all of them.

So please, when we are discussing the various candidates, and their positions on the many issues, unless you are rich, the Democratic Party and its candidates will be much better in general on these issues than the GOP and its candidates will ever be.

Speaking of Trump, and GOP politicians in general...

Is there a ranking whereby one can know how these various terms can be seen as they relate to GOP support for Trump?

We have all seen/read Susan Collins express her concern about one or more of Trump's actions. This expressed concern never prevents Collins from supporting Trump, but it makes her sound somewhat sane.

And then we have reports that some GOP politicians are severely concerned. And that too sounds nice, until we realize that these severely concerned GOP cowards are almost never named.

No matter how one ranks these expressions of concern, the fact remains that the GOP marches in virtual lockstep with Trump.

When the President is clearly a lunatic, and unfit for office, as happened during Reagan's second term, and as is the case right now, all we need to know about the GOP is that the leaders of the Party will never admit the obvious.

Chuck Todd Just Realized That Republicans Intentionally Lie

From the article:

Todd told Rolling Stone, “For the last two or three years we’ve been pondering a social media special like this. Last year we focused on climate change. But had we not done climate change, we were in the social media world thinking about what it was doing to our politics. And then you realize it’s the misinformation. This is bigger than social media. The Ukraine story for me really crystallized it. And for good or bad, our show has been at the forefront of this.

The first Sunday of the Trump administration is when the phrase, “alternative facts” was debuted. It was on Meet the Press Rudy that Giuliani used the phrase “Truth isn’t truth.” So look, whether we’d liked it or not, our platform has been used, or they’ve attempted to use our platform to essentially disseminate, or to sort of , what I would say, is lay the groundwork for this.”

To read more:


It is marvelous that Mr. Todd finally realized what many of us realized back in 1980. Or earlier. Now, having experienced this epiphany, how will Mr. Todd structure his show to reflect this?

For Christmas

Trump's telephone call with Zelensky WAS a perfect call.

It perfectly illustrated just how corrupt Trump is.

It perfectly illustrated just how Trump is willing to commit any crime to advance his own interests.

It perfectly illustrated just how Trump is supported by a GOP that will do anything, commit any crime, to remain in control.

It perfectly illustrated just how Trump is terrified of Joe Biden.

The perfect call indeed.
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