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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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I have been canvassing for Elizabeth Warren in Illinois.

And in spite of the minimal coverage that the US media gives to her, and her campaign, people I am speaking with like her and her plans.

She is quite progressive, and her legislative history is impressive, especially, in my view, the Consumer Financial Protection Board, or CFPB, which Warren proposed.

And when canvassing, concerns about improving healthcare are always mentioned. Every person raises that issue when asked about what issues concern them.

Warren’s Medicare for All plan has some interesting financing methods. Since it is expensive, it requires an increase in taxes. But it’s a progressive increase, undoing some of the bennies the ultra-rich got from previous Republican tax cuts. And more interestingly, it restructures some taxes in ways that seem targeted right at the financial sector, and at the rentiers who have taken far too much out of the economy without actually producing anything. It’s radical, but in a way pro-capitalist, because it encourages capital to be spent productively, rather than on financial tricks.


Can the GOP link Hunter Biden to the coronavirus?

We all know that the GOP is increasingly disconnected from reality. The many remarks of Trump regarding the coronavirus reveal his complete ignorance of the facts of the issue. And that is no surprise. Trump displays an ignorance of every issue put before him.

Can the GOP create a narrative that can link Hunter Biden, Burisma, and the coronavirus? If they can, and if they can add that the virus is carried by undocumented immigrants, the various far right media outlets would spread the idea.

Bonus points if Trump links all of the above with Muslims.

Edited to add: This is intended as sarcasm, and as a commentary on how much the GOP is divorced from any reality based arguments.

Tom Steyer Calls Lindsey Graham A Disaster As He Suspends His Campaign

From the article:

Tom Steyer suspended his presidential campaign and called Sen. Lindsey Graham a disaster after the South Carolina primary.
Steyer said, “And let me say this. I, of course, will be supporting — I’ve said from every Democrat is a million times better than trump. Trump is a disaster. And let me say this. I mean, we’re in South Carolina. Lindsey graham’s a disaster. He’s a disaster for the people here. So, of course, I’ll be working on that.”

To read, and see more:


China's 'War on Terror' uproots families, leaked data shows

From the article:

…….The database obtained by The Associated Press profiles the internment of 311 individuals with relatives abroad and lists information on more than 2,000 of their relatives, neighbors and friends. Each entry includes the detainee’s name, address, national identity number, detention date and location, along with a detailed dossier on their family, religious and neighborhood background, the reason for detention, and a decision on whether or not to release them. Issued within the past year, the documents do not indicate which government department compiled them or for whom.

Taken as a whole, the information offers the fullest and most personal view yet into how Chinese officials decided who to put into and let out of detention camps, as part of a massive crackdown that has locked away more than a million ethnic minorities, most of them Muslims.

The database emphasizes that the Chinese government focused on religion as a reason for detention — not just political extremism, as authorities claim, but ordinary activities such as praying, attending a mosque, or even growing a long beard. It also shows the role of family: People with detained relatives are far more likely to end up in a camp themselves, uprooting and criminalizing entire families like Emer’s in the process.

To read more:


How many DUers have ever owned a vehicle with running boards?

I have owned three, including my current vehicle, a Tahoe.

My first was a 1937 Ford sedan.

Next, was a 1955 F-100 truck. That was my favorite vehicle.

Trump made another "perfect call" by placing Pence in charge of the coronavirus.

If anything goes wrong, he will blame Pence.

Pence will then resign, and

Trump will appoint Ivanka to be the VP.

Who is worse? The madman, or those who pretend he is normal?

It is increasingly obvious that, whatever hold Trump had on reality is weakening. His erratic behavior, the slurring of words, the mental and verbal wandering in conversations, and so much more.

And the same thing happened to Ronald Reagan, to a lesser degree, in his second term.

But what is worse? That there is a madman in the White House, or that the "leadership" of the GOP pretends to see nothing?

Paczki Day brings Chicagoans together for one last indulgence before Lent

From the article:

For many Poles, both in the U.S. and beyond, Paczki Day is the kickoff to Lent, the 40 days of fasting and prayer that Catholics and many other Christians in liturgical traditions observe leading up to Easter.
But one needn’t be religious to enjoy a paczek.

“Some people have waning beliefs on their religion, but even if you’re not, you know, 100% Catholic, you’re still 100% Polish Roman Catholic because everything in Polish tradition and the holidays is revolving around the church,” said Bartlomiej Kolatek, general manager of Kolatek’s Bakery on the Northwest Side of Chicago.

In the U.S., Paczki Day comes on what others may call Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, a day some celebrate by eating pancakes.
The idea is the same: To feast before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday — and maybe to use up some of those tempting foods in the cupboards, like sugar and butter and alcohol.

No less than six of the paczki available this week at Kolatek’s Bakery include fillings flavored with alcohol, including rum and an egg liqueur called advocaat.

To read more:


Trump's DHS Secretary Humiliates Himself At Coronavirus Hearing

From the article:

Trump’s acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf was humiliated and revealed to be completely unprepared during a Senate hearing on the coronavirus.

Wolf’s performance was brutal and a dazzling display of Trumpian government incompetence. Wolf couldn’t accurately state the number of Coronavirus cases in the United States. He guessed fourteen. The real number is thirty-five.

Video of Wolf being questioned by Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA)

To read and see more:


We all know that Trump has surrounded himself with people who are just as incompetent as he is.

Fact check: Bloomberg falsely claims NYPD only entered mosques when invited in

From the article:

In an exchange filmed in December but tweeted out only last week, Bloomberg told Sarah Pearson, a Milwaukee activist and organizer who is also a supporter of rival candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, that he is a strong supporter of the Muslim community and its rights. He also claimed: "We only went into mosques when they asked us to come in."

When Pearson pressed him further on the surveillance, Bloomberg said the police "only went in when the mosque or the imam asked ... period. End of story."

Facts First: Mosques and other Islamic organizations were surveilled without being asked or notified during the Bloomberg mayoralty that began in 2002, including with secret informants and undercover officers. Muslim leaders in New York City and in New Jersey, where the NYPD also conducted surveillance, say Bloomberg's claim that the police went into mosques only when invited in is categorically false. Adam Goldman, a journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize as part of an Associated Press team that exposed the surveillance program, says the same.

To read more:

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