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Member since: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 12:56 PM
Number of posts: 6,409

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I am a disgruntled former DU member. Most people here are fine, but the site is ruined by zealous Hillary supporters. DU took my money and put my account on everlasting review. Cowards. Dishonest cowards.

Journal Archives

Hillary Haters

I was having pizza last night and watching Fox News. I couldn't hear the audio because there was a baseball game on, but it was remarkable because they went on for about 15 minutes, trying to establish the connection between this guy who donated to the Clinton Foundation and the possibility (possibility!) that he violated the sanctions against Iran. I mean, if they get this deeply into it for such a tenuous connection, think how they'll go crazy if they come up with an actual campaign finance violation. From what I could gather, this guy donated to the foundation, not to the campaign. And it's not established he violated the sanctions; it's speculation at this point. I kind of half hope it happens, because I want to turn on my TV and see actual foaming at the mouth, heads exploding, werewolf howling, and whatever else they do. Problem is, there are bound to be visible erections, and perhaps even ejaculations, and I'm not ready for that. Here's a link, in case you want to watch it.


Cliven Bundy and Friends

They're at it again. These people have suckled at the federal teat for generations. First they got the US Army to drive away the Indians so they could graze their cattle. Ever since, they have been using federal grass, federal water and federal subsidies to "earn a living" by raising cattle. Now that the fedrull gummit wants more than two cents on the dollar for all that grass and water, these hard working ranchers are all upset. Poor babies. Their plan is to throw the system into chaos and grab what they can while the turmoil has everyone distracted. And they'll probably get away with it. Again.


CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who garnered national attention a year ago when he and armed supporters engaged in a showdown with federal authorities, came to Carson City Tuesday with scores of allies to rally behind a bill seeking to reclaim land from the federal government.

A bus from Phoenix and another from Las Vegas brought more than 100 people, according to Bundy's son, Ammon Bundy, and others came on their own to fill several legislative hearing rooms. Many wore shirts and carried signs that read "the land belongs to the people."

Assembly Bill 408, is sponsored by Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and would require the federal government to obtain permission to use land within the state's borders. The proposal also strips the federal government of state water rights and would allow county commissions to parcel out state land for commercial use.

"We're here to take our state back and act like we're sovereign citizens," Bundy said at a rally outside the Capitol before the hearing. "We're going to have agency. We're going to own our rights here on this land."


Nevada's state conservation department estimated that transferring around 60 million acres of federally controlled land would cost the department around $95 million and that the parceling process for mining, logging and other industries could become "complicated and controversial."

"If we want to take control of all that," said Democratic Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, who opposes the plan, "I think we'll go broke as a state."
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