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Fritz Walter

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tRump on reading the Constitution: "It's like a foreign language."

Vanity Fair shared an excerpt from the book, A Very Stable Genius:

"While being filmed for a documentary, the president stumbled through his chosen passage, taking his frustration out on everyone around him, Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig write...

"With LED lights on stilts in front of him, Trump took his seat. “You’re lucky you got the easy part,” (director Alexandra) Pelosi (daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) told him cheerfully. “It gets complicated after this.” But the president stumbled, trying to get out the words in the arcane, stilted form the founding fathers had written. Trump grew irritated. “It’s very hard to do because of the language here,” Trump told the crew. “It’s very hard to get through that whole thing without a stumble.” He added, “It’s like a different language, right?” The cameraman tried to calm Trump, telling him it was no big deal, to take a moment and start over. Trump tried again, but again remarked, “It’s like a foreign language.”

"The section, like many parts of the Constitution, was slightly awkward—an anachronistic arrangement of words that don’t naturally trip off the tongue. Members of the crew exchanged looks, trying not to be obvious. Some believed Trump would eventually get it, but others were more concerned. The president, already bristling about his missteps, was getting angry. He chided the crew, accusing them of distracting him. “You know, your paper was making a lot of noise. It’s tough enough,” Trump said.

“Every time he stumbled, he manufactured something to blame people,” another person in the room recalled. “He never said, ‘Sorry, I’m messing this up.’ [Other] people would screw up and say, ‘Ohhhh, I’m sorry.’ They would be self-effacing. He was making up excuses and saying there were distracting sounds.… He was definitely blaming everyone for his inability to get through it. That was prickly, or childish.” Though stiff, he eventually made it through without any errors.

"Trump presented a stark contrast to many other readers, including the Supreme Court associate justice Stephen Breyer, who read as if he knew the full text by heart, and Senator Ted Cruz, who “knew it from beginning to end” as a result of performing dramatic readings of the Constitution as a high school student, according to Pelosi. “Donald Trump is a celebrity and he came to perform,” she said. “He had not practiced it beforehand. I don’t think anyone would show up to read the Constitution without practicing it first.”
(emphasis added)

That HBO documentary is available on-line here, but the site requires an email address to view it.

IMPEACH appears at 27:05, where he somehow managed to get through the script without stumbling.

"Million Moms" going after BK now

After their campaign against Hallmark bellyflopped, the ultra-Conservative group set its sights on Burger King. Their beef? An actor in BK’s August 2019 ad uttered one word that is apparently beyond the pale: “Damn...”

As reported in the WaPo, these attack-helicopter moms are outraged because little children might hear this naughty word and start repeating it. Instead of collapsing onto a fainting couch, they are asking people to sign a petition directed at the fast food vendor. Almost makes me want to try their ImpossiBurger.

After they attacked the WASP-network (Haulmark TV), they were essentially told to “shut the fuck up” (another naughty word!) by Hallmark, and you’d think they’d have learned a lesson from that experience. And you’d be wrong.

Be sure to read the comments posted below the article. And stop by your local BK, even if only to grab a cup of coffee. If you want to go out onto a limb during that visit, take a sip, and tell your server “Damn, that’s good!” Even if it isn’t.

Shocking! The Daily Show's Top 10 Obama Scandals

Marines holding his umbrella
Dijon Mustard
Selfie Stick
Shirtsleeves in the Oval Office
The bike helmet
The latte salute
The tan suit!
...They're all here!

Caution: this video contains clips from Faux Gnus and other reich-wing sources.
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