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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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The NSA has special courts.

That way they do not have to deal with the actual law as written and enforced in the sunlight. They can then interpret the law as they see fit under cover of the back room. Star Chambers come to mind.

Ben Carson is unfit for public office

Cars are, by law, licensed and insured to run on the street. Their purpose is transportation.

Gun are manufactured for the purpose of killing. They are very efficient at doing what they are designed to do.
The firearms in this country are mostly unregulated and unregistered and no insurance is involved to cover the damage they might cause.
It is often hard to trace the last legal owner of a weapon before the last legal good guy sold it to a criminal. Law enforcement usually gives up trying to find the real owner, unless it is really important for whatever reason. They just assume it's the criminals gun.
There is no real connection between cars and guns, except in the minds of those that dismiss the killing of innocents because they believe their own guns are more important than the lives of others.
Oh, and swimming pools don't count either.

Republican "Logic"?

Now there's an [strike]oxymoron[/strike] oxymoran, if there ever was one.
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