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Facts matter. If you try to change the facts, you are just giving your opinion.

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When Hillary is profiting off the back of investment bankers, that means she is beholding to them.

When Bernie, as you say, is profiting off the backs of schoolteachers and mechanics, that means he is beholding to them also, correct?
Who is more deserving of being represented by our representatives? Wealthy people preying on the rest of us for their riches, or us commoners, such as schoolteachers and mechanics, who are struggling to get by?
I think us commoners are more deserving of proper representation, over those rich enough that they can buy their own Congress critters and department heads.

I wear hearing aids in both ears. How am I supposed to use a headset or ear buds?

There have been a massive increase of cell phone use, but no corresponding increase in tumors or cancers.
Wasn't there another cancer scare about cell phone a decade or so ago? If cell phones causes cancer, there should be a quite noticeable increase in tumors and cancers. There is not. This in just more recycled BS to scare the unwary. Part of the "All Fear, All the Time".
Blue tooth is also a digital radio device. Only this is plugged into your ear all day long, every day. Why is it not a problem, but is touted as a solution?
And as someone else noted, where is the increase of finger cancer? If people are worried about cancer, they should be more worried about their granite counter tops and the bricks in the nearby public grade school.

3rd world countries with illiterate and semi-literate populations don't have a problem with voting.

Why do we? Because we make a simple thing like voting very complicated. Why do we do that? The easier to rig the vote to get the "winner" our owners want. Take a look at the current Democratic primary for a case in point.
I think we need to institute the same techniques that these 3rd world countries use. Paper ballots, with pictures of the candidates besides the names and when you vote, you dip an index finger into the ink well. (Middle fingers works too.)

Get rid of the caucuses, delegates and the electoral college also. Direct voting, instant run offs. Yeah, we can do this, if we have a mind too.

Win or lose, we will not be going away

There is a small but loud and angry contingent of Berners who will go away, having failed at their attempt to disrupt the democratic primaries and aid the GOP.

We will be there in 2018. We will be there in 2020, and 2022 and 2024.
We the people... are fed up.
Remember Michael Brown? That unarmed teenager, gunned down in the middle of the street by a rogue cop, almost two years ago? Remember the outcry that caused? What is happening now with Bernie Sanders campaign, is a part of that same movement. Really, it is. Up until then, no other Black shooting by cops amounted to much. The people have had enough.
Being to the Right is hurting too many people. Time to move back to the Center. It is time to put the people first again.
Hillary soliciting funds from the very same people she thinks she will be running against in the General, is one of the symptoms of the political corruption that has gone on far too long already and it needs to be changed.
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