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Member since: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 11:58 PM
Number of posts: 8,158

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AZ slips farther away from Rump in latest dump of 5500 ballots

Rump only gained 146 votes out of that 5500.

He now needs 85% of the remaining ballots to tie.

He's toast.

I'm embarrassed for CNN

They can easily call AK, but choke on their spittle when asked about calling AZ?

Look at the trends, very similar, yet they just can't muster the sack to call it.


Dave Wasserman "I've seen enough. No path back for Trump in AZ."


1478 deaths today, most in 3 months

Aug 11th had 1510.


Biden suspects toxic exposure in Iraq killed Beau. He has a plan for ill veterans

Joe Biden, like many other families of service members diagnosed with illnesses from overseas deployments, suspects toxic exposure may have been behind his son Beauís brain cancer.

Beau Biden boarded a military aircraft for Iraq on Nov. 19, 2008, just days after his father became vice president-elect. He deployed with the Delaware Army National Guard to Balad Air Base, where the U.S. military burned an estimated 140 tons of waste a day in open air burn pits.

When he died in 2015, Beau Biden was 46.

In a 2019 speech to the Service Employees International Union, Biden said because of Beauís ďexposure to burn pits, in my view, I canít prove it yet, he came back with stage four glioblastoma. Eighteen months he lived, knowing he was going to die.Ē



To my family who chose [Disgraced Racist] over me: Was it worth it?

(CNN)"Was it worth it?" That was the poignant and wise question a family member posed on Facebook after Joe Biden became President-elect. It's a question I've grappled with for four years now. More specifically: Was your blind loyalty to President [Tangerine Torquemada], a person you've never met, worth burning our family to the ground?

Like so many across the country since the election of the 45th President, our family has been splintered. While these disagreements could previously be contained by setting sensible "No Politics Allowed!" ground rules for family gatherings (my mom first had to institute this during the Ronald Reagan administration), in the age of social media, these arguments now routinely spill into our online lives.

Mirroring our real-life relationships, Facebook connections among our family members ended suddenly after [Undead Tangerine]'s inauguration. We disagreed sharply when it was reported that Melania [Badhair al-Asshead] would remain with the couple's young son in New York City to finish out the school year instead of moving with him to Washington DC. The additional costs for Secret Service protection in New York were significant.

We argued about it on Facebook until I wrote these two sentences: "If Michelle Obama had announced she was going to remain in Chicago with Sasha and Malia while running up the tab on the taxpayer-paid Secret Service protection, all the while charging them rent, I would have heard you bellowing all the way down here in Atlanta. You're a hypocrite."

The last thing I remember was the top of your head figuratively coming off, IN ALL CAPS as you fired off an incendiary reply. As I hit reply on my response, I received a message from Facebook informing me my comment wouldn't load. That's when I realized you had "unfriended" me.



Biden's lead in PA jumps to 47,613 (+2875)

Nice to see the lead building to seal the deal.

Did we just win GA?

Biden +12,338 votes

5,503 Votes Remaining

[Shithead] needs 163.5% (obviously impossible)

According to this site, GA is BLUE!


Edit - they just changed estimated remaining to 5503

Shithead gets 51.1% (140 vote gain) of 6252 vote dump in AZ. His chances of winning went down.

He now needs 64% of the remaining 54283 votes in AZ (was 60% before this dump.)

Biden up 14746 votes BTW

GA lead up to 12,338

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