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Member since: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 144

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i'd love to see Warren go head to head with the dark one...

I think she would get under his skin more than the other candidates. His misogyny is based in a deep fear of women that he cannot dominate....his masculinity is so insecure, he has developed an internal radar for the most vulnerable to prey on, as well as those to attack for daring to criticize him, as we have seen that he perceives any criticism of him is threat to his person, to be dealt with by revenge.Only that criticism from a woman is also a threat to his weak sense of manhood. I think that Warren has the toughness and life experience to expose him further for any doubters the extent of his insecurity. the campaign is much more than the debates, but i believe that her overall presence would trigger him to escalate his need to dominate..and i wonder if this would resonate more with female and hopefully male voters.in my 30 years of practice as a therapist, i have worked with these guys...he's off the charts in predatory behavior. this is not an endorsement..I think Amy would present the same threat to him, and i can imagine how Kamala would have dealt with him....just an opinion

Security will be needed....

I hope Schiff and the whole team have security as dictator will be seeking vengeance.. will need to watch his rhetoric as the election approaches and he sends out signals to his cult....wonder if Ted nugent will be next up for a medal

Lindsey having another fit

yes another Kavanaugh hissy fit..Oh the outrage! ...i imagine it is moral torture for having to sit and hear (he'll never by his own admission, listen) all of the facts and testimony...so, as i live, in his district , i sent another $20 to james Harrison, and will be aggressively canvassing for him ...thank you lindsey

Many e-mails

from democratic sources, stating the real threats, and asking for support, petitions or money... am responding to them to focus more energy on advocacy to senate dems to have more spine and vigorously oppose this maniac ,otherwise a waste of my time

Earth Day , Saturday April 22

This would be a good day for another massive march across the country and a day that is also celebrated in 192 countries... would be relevant for climate change and also generate worldwide outrage for ( I can't say his name), just a thought
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